ORCA doing America Vol II: Miami Vice

ORCA tandem is continuing their voyage in the land of the free and had arrived in Miami late night last Wednesday. World Economic Blockchain Forum was to start in the following morning and the ‘ORCAsters’ had already claimed their badges.

It felt as stepping into an alternative reality next morning while approaching the conference venue. The parking lot looked like a convention of Saudi Arabian princes was taking place. Lambos everywhere. The only difference was cars being covered up in Crypto and Bitcoin promotional stickers and posters.

Entrance to the World Blockchain Forum in Miami

Inside, the venue was packed. Over 4,000 people were in attendance eager to hear what’s the next hot thing in Crypto & blockchain tech.

Patrick Byrne, Michael Terpin, Brock Pierce and numerous other sharks of the FinTech and Crypto worlds were navigating the conference agenda - giving speeches, presentations and answering questions coming from industry’s newcomers and experienced masterminds.

Meanwhile, Natan & Vachtangas managed to resist the temptation to sunbathe near a pool under Florida’s scorching sun to improve their tan game and went straight to work.

Guys had two full days of meetings, some even happening over the midnight. There’s no downtime in Crypto, evidently. We are delighted to say that all that effort did not go to waste.

Rivetz partnership: CONFIRMED

ORCA Alliance confirming partnership with Rivetz Corp.

A new partnership has been molded! Rivetz agreed to be in charge of ORCA’s two factor authentication processes. Rivetz Corp. combines a hardware-based identity model with the immutable attestation offered by the blockchain technology. This digital security-oriented project has concluded its ICO in early September of the last year and raised over 18 million USD.

With cyber protection becoming an ever-increasing risk in the ICO space, it is reassuring to have a reliable partner in the security department. What is more, Steven Sprague, CEO of Rivetz Corp. promised to swing by ORCA’s Telegram group someday soon, so be sure to join yourselves and do not miss the chance to spam him with inappropriate GIFs when he joins.

There are some other positive news we are not able to disclose at the moment but stay tuned and everything will be announced in due time. HODL your enthusiasm and remember that patience is also a form of action.

In the meantime, ORCA representatives are packing their bags and moving to the West Coast to visit Beverly Hills, the Hollywood boulevard and catch the Crypto Funding Summit.