ORCA Stacking Up on Advisors and Backers, Updates Public Sale Date

Tuesday brings a lot of updates. To start off, we are proud to announce that a blockchain and digital assets investment fund is backing ORCA. On top of that, the Managing Partner of the fund is joining as an advisor.

To make good news even better, two experienced IT and project management wizards are coming onboard to assume advisory roles as ORCA is filling up its arsenal of competency.

Last but not least, ORCA public sale has been rescheduled and will start on April 16th.

Connect Capital — Blockchain Investment Fund Backs ORCA

Connect Capital (CC) is an investment fund oriented towards blockchain technology and digital currency projects. It prioritizes on providing risk-adjusted returns for their pristine clients.

When choosing investments, CC employs a strict selection and screening process in order to achieve the highest probability of success. That is why Connect Capital’s diversified and actively managed portfolio outperforms the market on a consistent basis.

The financial backing of Connect Capital is an earnest testament to the potential of the ORCA project.

Managing Partner of Connect Capital to Advise ORCA

Connect Capital is coming strong to support us and seek to provide first-class professional guidance. Darius Rugevičius, Managing Partner of Connect Capital will advise ORCA on strategy and business development.

Check out Darius on LinkedIn

Besides managing Connect Capital, Darius is a web pioneer and a blockchain investor himself with expertise and experience in a number of areas of the digital industry. He is also advising multiple blockchain projects such as WePower Network, Current Media, Shyft and dock.io.

His unquestionable industry knowledge and strategic know-how is set to help ORCA choose the right paths on its way to success.

Hackathon-Winning Programmer Joins the ORCA Advisor Team
Rytis Bieliauskas is a mentor at Blockchain Centre Vilnius — a unique hub for blockchain entrepreneurs, developers and investors from around the globe. He is also an award-winning hackathon ace who will advise ORCA in the important areas of payment protocols and cryptography.

Here’s Rytis on LinkedIn

Rytis is an early adopter of the Blockchain technology and a great addition to the ORCA team. His deep knowledge and understanding will help make the ORCA platform more reliable and secure.

Co-founder of Blockvis Powers Up ORCA Dev Team
Jaro Šatkevič is a Co-founder of Blockvis — a blockchain solutions development company working to deliver real-world blockchain applications. Jaro is an experienced full-stack software developer and former software engineer at Uber.

Jaro’s profile on LinkedIn

Jaro specializes in IT project management as a result-driven specialist with experience of running multiple successful start-ups. Proficiency gained throughout the years and his strong passion for distributed ledger technology makes Jaro a great part of ORCA’s advisory team.

The new date for ORCA public sale: April 16th
Recently a decision was made to delay the launch of ORCA public sale. New official date is the 16th of April, 2018. After the start, it will continue for one month or until hardcap is reached. The token sale was delayed to ensure that all business and technological arrangements are in place before launch.

ORCA developer team is working around the clock to showcase working platform connection with existing banks. In other words, to present a testable Minimum Viable Product (MVP) before the token sale starts. ORCA Demo version is already publicly available.
In light of this new information, private presale phase of ORCA Alliance project will be prolonged until April 15th. Please direct all your inquiries towards our investor relations team at vb@orcaalliance.eu or laurent@orcaalliance.eu
Stay tuned with ORCA’s social pulse and join our ever-increasing Telegram community. When finally initiated, ORCA public sale will be a one-time chance, so do not miss your opportunity to become a part of it. 
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