ORCA’s PYGMY release brings the TRUE crypto portfolio tracker tool

ORCA Alliance
Jul 10, 2018 · 4 min read

ORCA’s rolling out with a seismic shift and putting forward the opening act for their upcoming Open Banking platform by releasing a tool to track crypto assets — ORCA PYGMY. The major difference between PYGMY and other tracker tools found on app stores and websites around the web, is the auto-update function. PYGMY will be free of charge and accessible for everyone.

The framework is rather simple: user connects one’s cryptocurrency exchange accounts to PYGMY by allowing API access. Once connection is approved, the read-only tool will be able to track your crypto assets held on accounts linked to PYGMY.

Even when users will liquidate part of their assets or invest into other coins — the values and portfolio structure will be automatically updated and reflected in PYGMY dashboard. Users will no longer have to input trades manually saving them loads of time and nerve cells.

“I know how much benefit it will bring to the crypto crowd. I have a few accounts here and there but monitoring asset values proves somewhat challenging. There are no useful tools out there. Up until now that is.”, — Natan Avidan, the CEO of ORCA Alliance.

The usefulness of ORCA’s tool improves many-fold with each connected account. Today active crypto traders often face frustration trying to get a sense of their true exposure while maintaining active accounts on several, at times even dozen cryptocurrency exchanges. From now on, they will be able to effortlessly keep track of their crypto assets. Instant real-time feed just a few clicks away, everyday, 24/7/365. ORCA PYGMY version will support top 20 cryptocurrency exchanges as the basic layer of functionality.

Building something new is always exciting. The initial release is sensitive though, you always want everything to work perfectly. Experience says it rarely happens. That’s why we’re developing ORCA platform through a 5-phase roadmap — so we can iterate, improve and pivot in between to build something that’s useful.“ — commented ORCA’s System Architecht, former GetJar developer Sigitas Saulevičius.

Despite having uninterrupted portfolio tracking, PYGMY will list users assets by cryptocurrency, quantities held and give the overall value of all connected currencies.

PYGMY is being authenticated and verified by internal testing by the team, friends and family as the closed pre-alpha since last week. After it’s confirmed that no major bugs are remaining in the software, PYGMY will be released to the general public.

All interested parties are welcome to subscribe to be the first ones trying out ORCA PYGMY: https://orcasurvey.typeform.com/to/ZC3V7F

Permissions to start using ORCA PYGMY will be issued in bulks not to overcrowd the system and ensure smooth user experience.

PYGMY Evolution to BlackFish: Worth the Wait

2nd evolution of ORCA, BlackFish is hitting the digital shelves in September and will add advanced functionality on PYGMY tracker layer. It will offer not only the tracking financial position in real-time over multiple exchanges but also allow to initiate transactions for connected accounts directly through ORCA dashboard — the necessity to log in to different exchanges every time you want to execute a trade will be obsolete. But that’s not all.

BlackFish will start integrating digital wallets into the system so coin bags which are stored outside of cryptocurrency exchanges are included into equation.

Without giving much detail ORCA has subtly released some spoilers of what features will be added on in ORCA BlackFish. The team disclosed that they’re putting a lot of effort into developing function for instant inter-exchange rate comparison for arbitrage trading.

Also users can expect intensified measures and protocol advancements to ensure platform’s security. ORCA’s team has come up with a proprietary solution which guarantees that ORCA itself does not have access to client passwords and account data removing the risk of unauthorized activity through user profiles.

Front-end team is said to be working on a convenient ‘Drag & Drop’ interface allowing easy usage for Orcans (that’s the slang name used for ORCA supporters) and an instant liquidation button bringing up the option to convert all crypto assets to a selected fiat currency through a single click.

Contrary to PYGMY which will offer completely unrestricted access, BlackFish version will only be available to token holders — registrants will have to prove ownership by linking a wallet with a positive ORCA token balance to fully enjoy the benefits of the platform. The only way to acquire them is to participate in the ICO happening in August. ORCA whitelist is available here.

ORCA is determined to maintain course of solving headaches for cryptocurrency users. First ORCA showcased their technology prototype allowing to withdraw cryptocurrencies from an exchange directly to user bank account in the matter of 6 seconds and now is entering the crypto market by offering the complete portfolio tracker tool. ORCA PYGMY will serve as the base layer for a 5-stage development process until the final release of ORCA running version Killer Whale in the summer of 2019.

ORCA Alliance is supporting European Union’s decision to decentralize financial services through development often referred as Open Banking. The project aims to place cryptocurrency wallets and exchanges next to traditional bank accounts for a convenient all-in-one display. Connecting user accounts via APIs gives real-time access to a whole range of financial services without compromising security. Every transaction on the platform has to be validated by ORCA tokens granting them a distinct token use-case.

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ORCA. Open Banking meets Cryptocurrencies

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