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ORCA Alliance
Jun 28, 2018 · 2 min read

The inner circle of helpers keeps on growing. The network of ORCA preachers is speaking louder than ever in every part of the world. Currently, it seems that anywhere we go someone from the crypto community already knows ORCA in one way or the other. The butterfly has flapped its wings and we’re building up for a true tornado.

On this day we’re excited to welcome Sten Laureyssens, the latest addition to our advisory team. Sten has extensive experience in finance and financial management and is an active investor in the cryptocurrency space.

Sten is of Swedish heritage now based in New York City. He’s a renowned expert consulting leading organizations and cryptocurrency projects worldwide. What is more, Sten is the chairman of, a securities and digital asset exchange in development.

His vast professional network and industry knowledge will help out ORCA business development efforts. ORCA executive team is in close communication with Sten who’s always reachable in Telegram or by a simple phone call.

Mr. Laureyssens employs numerous techniques to help teams brainstorm future alleys of evolution including but not limited to using strategic frameworks for insight generation, mental model mapping, scenario planning for long-term strategy implementation and others.

We’ve known Sten for a while so it’s like a friend joining the family. Only now it’s official.” — Natan Avidan, co-founder and CEO of ORCA Alliance.

ORCA is building an Open Banking platform that places cryptocurrency wallets and exchanges next to traditional bank accounts for a convenient all-in-one display. Connecting user accounts via APIs gives real-time access to a whole range of financial services without compromising security. Every transaction on the platform has to be validated by ORCA tokens granting them a distinct token use-case. Moreover, Artificial Intelligence-backed analytics provide personalized tips on the most optimal fund management strategies for everyone.

There are some apparent co-objectives to be taken advantage of between ORCA Alliance and Adara’s project.

Do you have some issues and questions still unattended? Join our Telegram and ask the team directly.

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ORCA. Open Banking meets Cryptocurrencies

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