The Storm Will Pass: ORCA Crowdfunding Round II is Rescheduled

ORCA Alliance
Aug 23, 2018 · 3 min read

A week ago we have successfully ended the early round closing it in 50 hours and raising $1.5 M. After that it took no more than 2 days and the cryptocurrency market started slumping down drastically.

Not wanting to shoot ourselves in the leg, the ORCA crowdfunding Round II will be rescheduled from August 27th until the month of October (exact date to be published at a later stage), in order to strive for best results and not trap the killer-whale in a perilous storm.

It is better to ride out strong from hiding with the crypto bulls. We don’t feel there’s urgency to rush anywhere now neither from our community nor from our advisers or partners.

Currently, major crypto-news sources are reporting that Initial coin offering (ICO) market is in downturn. That is understandable, as July has not been great, in terms of funds collected by the firms conducting Initial Coin Offerings.

However, there is no reason to ring the tower bells just yet. These effects are mostly seasonal (July of last year has been simply bad in comparison with other months) while the overall market is set on a tall, upwards-pointing curve. Over $20bn has already been invested into cryptocurrencies and ICOs since the start of 2016, according to CoinDesk.

Overview of the essence

Many ICOs disappoint their supporters by never releasing their products to the market. And that’s what we want to change — come out for Round II with a working and usable product version.

At ORCA we want to stand out from the crowd. Thus, it only seems fair to start the second round of crowdfunding with the better-than-ever, updated version of the initial PYGMY platform, which is currently being refashioned by our team of dedicated developers.

During the first round we have collected more than $1.5m in 50 hours, which is more than enough to release the first version of the platform to the public. We hope that this will clear all doubts about ORCA’s ability to deliver results and offer sustainable products to those, who choose to support us.

Swim, little fish, swim

Apart from being free of charge, PYGMY, the portfolio tracking tool, will solve multiple issues ravaging the crypto-community. It is revolutionary in numerous ways.

Crypto traders often get frustrated as they are maintaining active accounts on several cryptocurrency exchanges. PYGMY will aggregate the data from the top 20 cryptocurrency exchanges so you will be able to gauge your true exposure on a single screen.

Moreover, the product won‘t require manual updates, which is a major drawback of many such tools found on app stores. PYGMY will constantly update the information of your crypto assets, displaying everything in real-time feed.

During the first round of our crowdfunding we have collected more than $1.5m in 50 hours, which is more than enough to release the first version of the platform to the public.

Arguably, the most awaited feature of PYGMY is the use of API (Application Programming Interfaces) connections enabling easy syncing between different accounts. When users will exchange assets or invest into other coins, the values and portfolio structure will automatically update in PYGMY dashboard. Users will no longer have to input trades by hand, saving them from maddening headaches, which is always a plus.

It’s always more fun together

More new features have been made possible because of our new partnerships. Our colleagues at MisterTango have agreed to see their payment interface integrated into the PYGMY platform meaning that as a user, you will be able to monitor not only your crypto, but also fiat holdings.

Our new friends at Sentbe, an online remittance company in South Korea, will also see their product integrated into PYGMY platform, offering ORCA users access to its services.

Numerous new features await in the updated version of PYGMY. And we will be releasing it together with the start of the second round of crowdfunding in the month of October.

As our early contributors, you will also be rewarded with early access to all products and enrolled as the first testers of the new platform.

And for those, who would like to get a piece of the action as well, you can sign up for round II at

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