Tutorial: How to add ORCA tokens to wallet balance

Aug 6, 2018 · 2 min read

Here is a short step by step guide how to make ORCA tokens to appear on your wallet’s balance. We will use the most popular www.myetherwallet.com to serve as an example.

INTRO 1/2: You must complete the purchase order of tokens by sending funds to ORCA wallet address. Once the transaction is completed, ORCA token balance will update itself on the top of ORCA ICO cabinet.

INTRO 2/2: Your wallet must be ERC20-compatible to display ORCA token balance.

STEP 1: Generate request to add token

Click on ‘Add Custom Token’ on the right side panel of the web (you have to scroll down a bit to see the panel).

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STEP 2: Fill in token address and details

Copy and Insert ORCA smart contract address: 0x6F59e0461Ae5E2799F1fB3847f05a63B16d0DbF8

Insert Token Symbol: ORCA

Insert Decimals: 18

Click ‘SAVE’

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Wait for the tokens to load (can take up to 5 minutes). Patience is a virtue!

ALTERNATIVE WAY: Check token balance on Ethplorer.io

While logged in, click on link to ethplorer.io and you’ll be redirected to a site listing all your tokens. Simple as that!

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That’s it! It may take a few seconds for the balance to load onto your account and you’ll be able to see it.

Find more detailed information on how to add a custom token to your wallet balance display here.

Still having problems? Join ORCA Telegram group and chat with the administrators (admins). They’re on demand 24/7

For the time being, follow ORCA on social media and stay always in tune with ORCA!

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