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CDF 2018 Fall

CDF Project 3: Exercises

Exercise 1: Typeface Tracing

The results of a grueling hour of tracing!

Exercise 2: Typographic Voice

Word 1: Relaxation

Favorite typeface: Kefa

When it came to depicting a word like “relaxation,” I wanted to pick a typeface that really emphasized smoothness and comfort. Looking at the shape of the word should immediately give the viewer a sense of ease and familiarity.

Typeface 1: Kefa

I really liked Kefa for its clear curves and rounded edges. Kefa is a Serif font, but the serif is not as prominent as in other fonts. In fact, the serif actually works well in Kefa because it functions as a smooth ending for each stroke of the font. I especially like the “R” and “a,” as they both convey elegance, peace, and relaxation. This was my favorite typeface for “relaxation”!

Typeface 2: Apple Chancery

My second typeface was Apple Chancery, a Script font. I chose to experiment with this font because I felt its elegant structure might be able to give it a relaxing, calming feel. This is only somewhat effectively conveyed with this font; the curves of the “l” and “x” are relaxing, but there are some sharp points on the “R” and “a” that are a little uncomfortable.

Typeface 3: Avenir

The last font I experimented with was Avenir, which also happens to be my assigned research font! Avenir is a Sans Serif font with similarly smooth edges and clean text definition. I especially like how perfectly spherical the “o” is, and how rounded the “R” and “n” are. Avenir was definitely relaxing, but not quite as much as Kefa.

Word 2: Bright

Favorite typeface: Charter

For “bright,” I tried to pick fonts that were clean, simplistic, and spaced out evenly. When I think of bright fonts, I tend to imagine fonts that feel big, powerful, and uplifting.

Typeface 1: Rockwell

Rockwell was a Slab Serif typeface with loudly defined curves, heavy slabs, and clean edges. I chose it because I really liked how circular the “g” was, and the roundness of the “B” felt very cheerful and happy to me.

Typeface 2: Charter

The next typeface I experimented with was Charter. Charter is a Serif font that feels more spacious and clean than many of the similar fonts. The letters are not overly thick, but they are lightly rounded and very elegantly defined. Charter is very pleasant to look at in general, something that supports the bright feeling. This was my favorite typeface for “bright”!

Typeface 3: Bodoni 72 Smallcaps Book

My final typeface was Bodoni Smallcaps. I thought this font was intriguing because of its utilization of all capital lettering, and I wanted to see if it could effectively convey brightness. I think it did so fairly successfully; I like how each letter was clearly scripted, and the clean evenness of each letter’s top and bottom made for a very uplifting mood.

Exercise 3: Typographic Hierarchy

Exercise 1: Linespacing
Exercise 2: Typographic weights
Exercise 3: Horizontal shift or Indentation
Exercise 4: Typographic weight & linespacing
Exercise 5: Typographic weights & horizontal shift
Exercise 6: Horizontal shift & linespacing
Exercise 7: Size change & typographic weight



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