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Weekly Digest #15

We have come to the end of Epoch 3!

The main highlight of the past week is the retirement of flexpools (Liquidity Pools) and reallocation of CODEX rewards to tranche pools. The current pool allocation ratios are as follows:

As at the time of writing this weekly digest, there are still assets in the flexpools so please be reminded to remove your assets in there under the “Redeem” tab. You can continue earning CODEX rewards by participating in junior tranche pools or providing liquidity to the CODEX/BNB pair on PancakeSwap (see more here).

Notion Finance Labs News

We have the following updates from Notion:

  • Development of the on-chain options protocol is underway — first draft of UI is done and the team is currently studying intensively on a number technical improvements from current options protocols in the market
  • Notion is speaking with a number of potential advisors/investors/partners and a number of prominent individuals have already expressed interest in participating in the seed round and/or coming onboard as advisors

We will share more updates as and when available.

The CDO.Finance team is currently assisting with both product and business development efforts by Notion. As CDO.Finance will be integrated with the Notion ecosystem, it is in the best interests of our CODEX holders for our team to contribute to the success of Notion.

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CDO.Finance is an exciting new project on Binance Smart Chain that seeks to build upon existing money legos in the DeFi Space via on-chain structured finance products. We help users get their desired yield farming results while having control of their risk exposure.

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