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Weekly Digest #17

In this issue of Weekly Digest, we provide some updates on both CDO.Finance and the upcoming product by Notion Finance Labs — IV.Finance.


Since the inception of CDO.Finance earlier this year, the team had been focusing on pushing out the first pseudo-fixed income product on BSC at the soonest possible and while admittedly we did not prioritise creating a gorgeous UI due to constraints on bandwidth (and artistic abilities), it has always been our intention to upgrade our UI down the line.

Now that Tranche Pools has been successfully launched and with the additional resources from Notion Finance Labs, we’re taking the opportunity to start working on upgrading our UI. Bearing in mind that Tranche Pools (and derivatives in general) is a fairly complicated product, we aim to create a more user friendly UI that allows users to better understand what Tranche Pools is and to encourage higher participation levels. We are also looking to make the UI more aesthetically pleasing because we know humans are naturally drawn to beautiful things 😍

We will provide updates and sneak peeks as and when available!

IV.Finance by Notion Finance Labs

We would also like to take this opportunity to introduce IV.Finance and to update where things are at the moment.

IV.Finance is an on-chain peer-to-pool options protocol that offers 24/7 writing, trading, and exercising of American-style, cash-settled call/put options with no KYC or registration required.

The aim of IV.Finance is to make on-chain customized options trading simple, secure, and cost competitive with centralised counterparts. Users can buy BTC or ETH call/put options with bespoke option terms and create complex strategies tailored to their needs, or become a liquidity provider to underwrite options and enjoy an attractive rate of return with diversified risk.

Brief illustration of the IV.Finance ecosystem

While there are already a number of on-chain option protocols currently available in the market, IV.Finance seeks to address certain identified flaws of the current players and to build an options protocol with enhanced functionality and security. The team strives to achieve the aforementioned via the following:

  • Deep analysis of smart contract design and economics of current on-chain option protocols
  • Gathering feedback from experienced traditional option traders and trading desks
  • Discussions with academics and developers on how to achieve the best pricing model for on-chain peer-to-pool options protocol
  • Exploring partnership opportunities with protocols focused on option strategies

Besides working on the above, the team is also concurrently building the product. The draft UI can be seen below and the team will be fine-tuning it along the way.

Draft IV.Finance UI

We hope everyone is staying safe and have a great week ahead! 🤟

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