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Weekly Digest #20

Happy October everyone! As we enter the last quarter of 2021, we’re filled with excitement for the things that are to come for CDO.Finance.


We’re currently working on some housekeeping matters such as cleaning up our marketing materials, documentation, and Telegram group. We’ve decided to shelve our Madame CDO mascot and are amending our various marketing materials to conform to a more consistent theme. These repackaging efforts will help with the upcoming fundraising meetings.


There were a total of 3 twitter giveaways in the past week:

We hope to further expand our community through the above and raise more awareness on CDO.Finance. Do help grow our community as well by spreading the word 🗣

CODEX Buyback programme

A total of 100,000 CODEX were bought back over 3 rounds of buybacks in the past week as well:

We currently do not have a regular buyback schedule. Our ad hoc buybacks are conducted as and when we feel the benefits of the buyback can be maximised. The scale of our buyback also depends on the amount of transaction fees earned. The tokens are currently not yet burnt as we are considering what’s the best way to utilise these tokens to best benefit CODEX holders (e.g. providing wBNB-CODEX liquidity pair). In any case, the CDO team will not be directly selling the CODEX bought back on the market.

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