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Weekly Digest #22

CDO.Finance and Notion Finance Labs Updates

We share below snippets of the materials we are preparing for purposes of fundraising in hope of helping our new users better understand CDO.Finance. We hope our community can also help share these materials across their networks to let them learn about CDO.Finance. Next week, we will share some materials prepared for IV.Finance.

DeFiYield.App Free Audit

DeFiYield.App offers a suite of DeFi management tools and CDO.Finance is seeking to have our CODEX token tracked by their platform, as we think this will help alot with promoting CDO.Finance.

To be tracked by DeFiYield.App, we need to be audited by their team. They have a free audit option but this requires upvoting from the community. So please help our project by simply upvoting via the following link:

CODEX Buyback programme

A total of 25,000 CODEX were bought back in the past week:

To date, a total of 150,000 CODEX has been bought back.

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