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Weekly Digest #25

IV.Finance Update

IV.Finance will enable users to earn attractive yield through options selling strategies for the widest range of crypto assets, including altcoins, in the market. IV.Finance will be extremely easy and cheap to use as users only have to deposit their crypto assets into vaults that automatically runs a specific options strategy. Further, gas costs for the multiple transactions involved are shared across all depositors, thereby lowering costs for all users.

Structural inefficiencies in the crypto options space and the speculative nature of crypto provide a window of opportunity to earn alpha through carefully crafted options strategies.

With IV.Finance, Notion Finance Labs will be able to explore designing structured products in the future which comprise of both IV.Finance and CDO.Finance’s products to maximise returns for users.

As there a couple of new features that we are building into IV.Finance, we will take some time on the development side. Rest assured, the team is working tirelessly to push this out at the soonest possible.

Notion Finance Labs Advisor

We are proud to announce that Darius Sit, the founder of QCP Capital, has come onboard as Advisor to Notion Finance Labs. Darius is seen as the godfather of crypto trading in Singapore and QCP Capital is a global leader in the crypto derivative space.

In the upcoming weeks, we will be working closely with Darius and his team for IV.Finance’s launch.

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