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Last month CDzExchange launched V1 of its Prediction Market. The Prediction Game, in collaboration with DAOventures, is part of our updated Q4 releases. The V1 release of the Prediction Game with BNB has been a fantastic success. With constant evolution of both projects’ ecosystems, the Prediction Game updates provide users with exciting new features and accessibility to onboard DeFi users. Now that the Prediction Game has been live for 3 weeks, we’re ready to provide some development updates for V2!

As part of our ongoing efforts to continually upgrade and improve our derivatives products, we’re proud to announce the addition of Bitcoin (BTC)! With BTC reaching new all time highs, a volatile market is expected, which is a great chance for players to predict future prices.

We’re also adding a dedicated button for players to share their prediction bets on Twitter! In addition to the Twitter share button, we’ve also updated the ‘History’ tab, which will summarise all of your previous predictions, displaying your total plays, wins and losses.

To celebrate the release of V2 of the Prediction Game, CDzExchange has put together a BTCB prize pool of $400, for those who achieve the following;

  • $100*: Place at least 1 prediction on BTC or BNB each day, for 7 consecutive days (the first date starts the first time you play the game)
  • $100: Most games played
  • $100: Most games won
  • $100: Most friends tagged on Twitter retweets with the Hashtag #CDzPredictions

*$100 prize pool split proportionately to all eligible winners

**Competition runs until Dec 17th, 2021**

We are also running an exclusive Twitter competition to spread the word about the CDzExchange x DAOventures Prediction Game. You can share your bet to Twitter to earn BNB, so we got you covered for the next round!

There will be a $100 in BNB total prize with 20 FCFS winners. To enter, follow these simple steps;

  1. Share or retweet on social media and tag 3 friends, @CDzExchange and link in the tweet.
  2. Get $5 in BNB + gas
  3. Start playing!

Note: CDzExchange reserves the right to adjust the campaign rules at any time



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