$CDZ Tokenomics Overview

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3 min readJul 16, 2021


To create an incentivised ecosystem for traders and stakers on CDzExchange, we are launching the $CDZ utility and governance token to help you make the most of our platform.

Why $CDZ?

CDZ is the BEP20 rewards and governance token for CDzExchange. Key utility functions include staking rewards, liquidity mining rewards, fee sharing, and governance.

Ticker Symbol: $CDZ

Network: Binance Smart Chain

Max Total Supply: 925,870,430

Decimals: 18

Token Contract ID: 0x17acc21da1cd31d273c3f54b7d5dd556c8715b79

$99K initial market cap IDO*, one of the lowest in the market

  • Many projects are doomed to fail because of weak tokenomics design. Markets change very rapidly and so must projects in the interest of their community.
  • To swiftly adapt to the fast-paced DeFi market, we are excited to launch our $99K initial IDO market cap.
  • The updated tokenomics is designed to better allow all stakeholders, including both public and private sale investors, to participate in the IDO. Our $99K initial IDO market cap has been designed to further reduce selling pressure.
  • To better incentivise liquidity providers and stakers, the LP rewards pool has increased from 30% to 40%. That means more $CDZ rewards are allocated for the community.

Token Model

Initial market cap: $99K*

Rewards emission: Linear block release across 2 years

Low cap valuation: $13,888,888 pre-sale valuation

High liquidity: 1% allocated for DEX and CEX

Governance: Propose and vote on platform governance**

*Initial market cap = total CDZ circulating on DEX listing

**Governance framework to be launched in phases. See roadmap.

Total raise: $900,000

Private Sale: $750,000 at $0.015

Public Sale: $150,000 at $0.018

DEX listing: $0.030


Private Sale:

  • 5% on TGE
  • 95% linear vesting across 6 months

Public Sale:

  • 33% on TGE
  • 33% 1 month after TGE
  • 34% 2 months after TGE


  • 1 month cliff after IDO then linear vesting across 6 months


  • Linear vesting for 12 months beginning 1 month after liquidity mining begins




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