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CDzExchange 2022 Q1 Roadmap

Happy New Year to you from us at CDzExchange! We’re glad you’ve continued on the journey with us and have contributed to the growth of the CDzExchange community. Here’s to another exciting new year!

2021 in Retrospect

2021 was an exciting year for us at CDzExchange and the community as a whole. We got up to several activities, competitions and even launched several products. If you missed out some of the BIG announcements last year, here’s a quick rundown:

2022 Q1 Roadmap

CDzExchange Prediction Game

This year is off to a great start as we are kicking it off with an upgrade to our derivatives product — the Prediction Game. We announced the release of V2 in December last year where we added Bitcoin (BTC). Now we’re set with both BTC and BNB!

This month, we will be releasing a new upgrade with performance improvements, and the integration of CAKE/USD. By February 2022, we’ll be rolling out another upgrade with $CDZ fully integrated as part of the prediction payment and payout process. Models for leaderboards and player incentives will also be integrated.

In March, new assets will be added and the $CDZ utility enhanced.

Why Prediction Game?

The crypto derivatives (CDs) market is filled with complexities especially for beginners. The digital contracts are inherently sophisticated and risky making them very complicated in terms of execution and valuation.

The CDs market experienced tremendous growth last year, which demonstrated the growing interest of investors in the burgeoning sector. However traders must be very acquainted with the complexities and its unique difference from the traditional derivatives market. There are also various types of crypto derivatives with each having its peculiarity and mode of trade e.g. Futures, Synthetic Assets, Options, Forwards, Perpetuals etc.

Learn more about types of crypto derivatives

CDzExchange developed the Prediction Game (a simple form of a derivatives market) to help traders ease into the complexities of the derivatives market.

Typically, prediction markets are platforms where participants decide on the outcomes of future events. Thus the market prices seen on these platforms are a reflection of what a crowd believes is going to happen. When a prediction is correct, users receive their reward from the prize pool.

The same is applicable for decentralized prediction markets. These platforms can be used to place predictions on an array of outcomes, including elections, sports events, and even the price of crypto assets.

As a form of derivatives, prediction markets are another way to generate profits without having to buy/trade the asset directly. It creates more opportunities to profit from the market. It makes participation in crypto derivatives easier for newbies.

Auto-Leveraged Index (ALI) Roll-out

This January, we will be launching the alpha of the CDzExchange Auto-Leveraged Index (ALI). ALI is another simplified derivatives contract that helps traders earn up to 2x returns in BNB as opposed to just HODLing. Yes, you read that right! You can capture up to double your ROI.

What is ALI and Why?

In a typical derivatives market, derivatives are usually based on the value of an underlying asset(s) or benchmark. The prices are also derived from the price movement of such underlying asset(s) or benchmark. Also, leveraging forms a major aspect of derivatives as they are typically leveraged instruments. This is also the same with ALI.

ALI is a smart contract that utilizes leveraging and rebalancing algorithms where the ROI is derived via the index benchmark (the algorithms). Auto-leveraging is a core component of how ALI works. The index “price” or ROI is derived from ALI’s algorithms, which references the market spot price of BNB. This is what makes ALI a derivative.

CDzExchange aims to make participation in crypto derivatives as simple as can be. With ALI, traders can gain advantage of advanced leveraging techniques without technical knowledge. Users will have no need to actively manage their margins or face liquidation risks because ALI runs it automatically.

In a situation of market volatility, ALI automatically leverages and rebalances your BNB deposits. For example, when prices go up, ALI gives you higher exposure to leveraged returns, up to 2x. When prices go down, it rebalances to make sure liquidation risks are tightly controlled. ALI helps lower the risks associated with liquidation.

Here’s where it gets interesting, with ALI, users earn up to 2x returns with their BNB as ALI uses a 2x leveraging strategy. This means users can earn up to twice their potential profit by holding leveraged positions with ALI as opposed to just holding on to their assets.

A beta version of ALI is set to be launched in February, 2022 and by March ALI V2 will be rolled out with more $CDZ utility integrated.

There’s more to come!

We’re excited to give you updates on our roadmap and believe this year is going to be another fantastic year for the CDzExchange community. We have much more underway and will be sure to keep you updated on the journey. We eagerly look forward to connecting back to derivatives.

NOTE: This is not financial advice. Remember to always do your own proper research before investing. Refer to the Terms & Conditions.



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