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CDzExchange Beta Sneak Peek: Swap, Liquidity Mining and Staking

We are excited to announce that the first version of CDzExchange app will be launching in Q3 2021! On our roadmap to solving the problems of poor liquidity and access for decentralized crypto derivatives (CDs) trading, we will first launch our app with core DeFi products.

Here’s a sneak peek of our product on Binance Smart Chain testnet, as we continue to polish it up for Beta release.

What’s been cooking up?

Our testnet release will be loaded with 3 main DeFi features:


Swap BEP20 tokens starting with popular trading pairs. Details to follow on the list of trading pairs.

Liquidity Mining

Traders will be able to earn rewards by providing liquidity for the available swap pairs. After you deposit the pairs, you’ll get back CDZ-LP tokens which you can stake in the farming pool (Albums) to earn $CDZ.

New to Liquidity Mining? Learn by starting here.


Stake single asset tokens and even LP-tokens to earn $CDZ rewards on the platform.

What’s to come?

As you know, great platforms take time to build. We have all hands on deck to ensure traders on our platform get the best of the best in DeFi. Starting with a strong foundation, we will expand our liquidity and cross-chain capabilities for swaps, in tandem with our CDs trading.



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