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CDzExchange Swap and Liquidity Competition Announcement!

We are thrilled to announce to you the launch of our latest Liquidity Competition where participants stand a chance to win exciting rewards. From liquidity mining rewards to exclusive DoD disciple NFT airdrops, community members get new opportunities to win rewards.

This year has been an exciting run for CDzExchange. We have successfully launched our Staking pool and now the Liquidity pools and Swap features are being released. We are excited because we’ve got loads coming up in Q4 2021 and Q1 2022 — development & product releases for perpetuals and leverage trading.

This competition gives you an opportunity to be part of our exciting journey ahead.

Liquidity Competition

To encourage community participation and grow our swap pools, we are launching the liquidity competition. CDzExchange will be funding the CDZ/BNB Liquidity Pool with an initial liquidity of $100K.

The first round of Liquidity Rewards will have over $5000 worth of Stablecoins up for grabs, with up to 30 winners. Winners will be picked at random based on the amount of liquidity provided. Here’s a breakdown of the tranches;

10x $300 Cash Prizes for people providing $5000 or more

10x $200 Cash Prizes for people providing $3000 or more

10x $100 Cash Prizes for people providing $1500 or more

All winners will be randomly selected by taking a snapshot of wallet addresses in the pools every day over the course of the next 2 months. Liquidity providers must be providing liquidity in the pool for at least 30 days consecutive days in a 2 month period.

The largest liquidity providers from any of the swap pools will also each receive an exclusive DoD disciple airdropped to them (see Bonus NFT Competition). This is in addition to the farming rewards earned in $CDZ as a liquidity provider (LP).

Swap Pairs


The Swap Trading Competition (Stage 2) begins when each pool reaches $100K in TVL. Hence, we will initially start with the Liquidity Competition (Stage 1) in this 2-stage competition.

Bonus NFT Prize!

Top LPs will be whitelisted to receive a DJs of DeFi Disciple NFT airdrop, to celebrate the launch of the first CDzExchange liquidity pools.

All LPs contributing $1,000 equivalent or more in one or more of the 6 pools are eligible for the NFT airdrop whitelisting! Here’s the breakdown;

  • $1,000 or more — Single whitelisting for NFTs
  • $3,000 or more — Double whitelisting entry
  • $5,000 or more — Triple whitelisting entry
  • $10,000 or more — Whitelisting entry for 5 pack of Disciples
  • $50,000 or more — Guaranteed Airdrop NFT (must be an LP for a minimum of 30 continuous days over 2 months)

Addresses providing $50K or more will receive an Airdropped NFT after a minimum of 30 continuous days of providing liquidity over a 2 month period. All addresses providing 50k or more in liquidity are also eligible.

The launch of CDzExchange Swaps and Liquidity Pools are a big deal! It’s a major step we’ve taken towards our roadmap in building decentralized Crypto Derivatives (CDs) products including leveraged trading & perpetual swaps.

Ready to roll? Go to our app now and add liquidity.

Also, check out How to Add Liquidity guide for a step by step overview.

CDzExchange has the right to adjust the competition terms depending on the traction



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