CDzExchange: Top 10 FAQs

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5 min readMay 28, 2021


Q1: What’s the fuss about CDzExchange?

We are a cross-chain decentralized derivatives exchange built on Binance Smart Chain. Our platform enables fast and low cost swaps, liquidity mining, staking and crypto derivatives trading that leverages the expansive cross-chain DeFi ecosystem.

We are unlocking a multi trillion dollar crypto derivatives (CDs) market through fast and frictionless CDs trading and DeFi opportunities. CDzExchange is creating user-friendly cross-chain solutions for performing cross-chain swaps, CDs trading, liquidity mining and staking all under one platform.

Q2: So many DeFi platforms, why CDzExchange?

Here’s the gist, most DeFi platforms, especially crypto derivatives (CDs) platforms, face the same problem of slow transactions. Typically, DeFi apps running on a Ethereum blockchain for instance, process an average of 15 transactions per second. Invariably, this leads to slow transaction processing times. That’s clearly not what you want for DEX trading, even less for crypto derivatives trading.

Don’t forget about the problems of very high fees. Crypto derivatives trading on decentralized exchanges are still very new and primitive, hence we’re filling the missing gap. Pioneers like Uniswap have clearly shown massive demand for easy DEX swaps. Now it’s time to bring fluid crypto derivatives to decentralized trading.

CDzExchange solves these fundamental problems by leveraging the low cost and fast Binance Smart Chain protocol. Our long term goal is growing cross-chain integrations with top blockchains to bring new capital opportunities to DeFi and CDs.

See what top shots in the DeFi space have to say about us:

“We partnered with CDzExchange as they are the best in class cross-chain decentralized derivatives exchange solution. We look forward to the partnership as we thrive towards our common mission to bring DeFi to the masses.” — Alvin Foo, Co-Founder of DAOventures, a DeFi robo-advisor and automated money manager platform.

“We are truly excited to team up with CDzExchange in driving meaningful adoption of workflow and automation tools for DeFi. Their vision for market innovation in crypto derivatives and our leading monitoring technologies will empower users with next level insights and trading ability.” says Tom Tirman, CEO of PARSIQ, a blockchain monitoring and workflow automation platform that serves as a multi-level oracle bridge between blockchains and off-chain applications.

Learn more about our partnerships here.

Q3: Hold up, what are crypto derivatives (CDs)?

Decentralized CDs do not need a broker and require no third parties to verify transactions. The contract terms such as the underlying asset and expiration are built into smart contracts which are trustless by design. Put simply, crypto derivatives range from contracts derived from an underlying asset, such as a digital asset futures market. On CDzExchange, users can trade perpetual crypto derivatives as the first kind of decentralized CDs, launching within 2021.

Q4: Perpetual contracts sound new to me, what are they?

Perpetual contracts are one of the most popular forms of derivatives trading for digital assets. They are like futures contracts in the sense that traders either long or short positions in anticipation of predicting the future price of the underlying asset. Perpetual contracts can be held indefinitely and will be non-custodial on CDzExchange.

Q5: What assets can I cross-chain on CDzExchange?

CDzExchange natively supports BEP20 tokens as part of the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem. The platform is integrating protocols like Ethereum, HECO, Polkadot and Solana to bridge DeFi opportunities from one platform. Convenient, eh?

We are open to integrating platforms that align with our mission of enabling lower fees, easier access to diverse cross-chain assets and smoother user experience for cross-chain crypto derivatives trading.

Q6: What is the $CDZ token and what is it used for?

The governance and utility token powering CDzExchange is $CDZ, used for various functions including:

  • Liquidity mining rewards for providing liquidity to $CDZ-pair pools
  • Fee sharing to earn a proportionate share of platform transactions fees accrued
  • Staking into single-asset pools to earn $CDZ
  • Discounts on trading fees
  • Initiating and voting on governance proposals

Q7: Will you have liquidity mining or staking pools for $CDZ?

Yes! We will have both staking and liquidity mining pools for $CDZ at or near IDO. More details will be released as we polish up our smart contracts. Yeah, gotta triple check the code, cause you know, it’s DeFi.

Q8: How do I deposit/withdraw crypto?

Pretty easy, you will be able to deposit and withdraw tokens via popular Web3 wallets like MetaMask. CDxExchange is supporting MetaMask at launch to make it easier for you to deposit or withdraw your tokens. The DeFi platform is non-custodial meaning that only you as the user are in full control of your crypto. Just be sure to save your wallet seed phrase somewhere safe.

Q9: What are the terms of use?

See this link for full details on our terms and conditions. Don’t worry, no technical jargon, we made it very easy for you to understand. Just dash over there and get all the clarity you need.

Q10: I wanna get onboard, what do I need?

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