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CDzExchange x DAOVentures Release Prediction Game

CDzExchange is releasing its first derivatives product to the market in partnership with DAOventures!

The CDzExchange x DAOVentures Prediction Game is part of our updated Q4 roadmap and sets the stage for future derivatives product releases. With constant evolution of both projects’ ecosystems, the Prediction Game introduces an easy and accessible on-ramp for onboarding more users in DeFi. It’s a simple DeFi based derivatives product which is intuitive to use from the first time you play. It’s pretty easy to get hooked!

At the same time, the player is provided a gateway into understanding and becoming familiar with derivatives products. You play, you win, you get educated. This works to serve those familiar with similar systems in the current world of prediction games but with a crypto base underpinning it all. DeFi doesn’t only have to be about earning yields — it can be fun too!

The Prediction Game is on Binance Smart Chain, hence we chose BNB as the first prediction asset. The familiarity of the ticker symbol and the simple interface will help bridge the gap for users who are not as comfortable with derivatives products. By predicting the outcome of the BNB price, users can win BNB if they bet correctly — a simple example of crypto derivatives (CDs).

Version 1 of the Prediction Game is officially live in pursuit of further developing the partnership between CDzExchange & DAOventures. The two projects will be working closely on the upgrade for new additions in version 2. This will include more crypto pairs, $CDZ tokenomics baked into the game and a few more things we cannot reveal yet. Keep an eye out on Twitter to see when the updates will be rolled out.

The Prediction Game and future releases will be designed and developed to incorporate the $CDZ token for additional utility, as well as add deflationary mechanics to the circulating supply.

The game is currently live on BSC mainnet! There is an initial prize pool and an incentives program. For the first week of the game being live, we’re providing the following incentive: the 100 people that play the most games win 0.01 BNB each! Keep up to date via Twitter and look out for news about the prediction market game and click the link below to jump in and play!

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