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CDzExchange’s Road Ahead: Cross-chain, Prediction Market and Partnership Updates

Last month CDzExchange completed its IDO and began trading CDZ tokens on PancakeSwap. As CDzExchange’s SWAP feature went live, CDZ tokens are also trading on CDzExchange, together with the launch of Liquidity Competition for six token pairs, to attract Liquidity Providers’ (“LP”) participation. The series of liquidity competition follows the project’s successful Pre-IDO Launchpool campaign with US$1.8M in TVL leading up to IDO.

The current CDZ technology roadmap is in motion.

Here is what we have launched:

1. Staking

2. Swap

3. Liquidity Farming

We expect adoption as the team is in current developments of

1. Prediction Market

2. Derivatives Trading Products

3. Cross Chain Technologies

MAS Capital, a founding institutional investor and DAOventures, strategic partner and advisor, have contributed extensively to the successful product launch. MAS Capital is committed to financing and providing cross-chain and other DeFi technologies, already developed by a technology team, acquired by MAS Capital. The team is led by a former Microsoft Architect Director, Simon Hsu, who has joined CDzExchange as CTO.

Since 1995 when MAS Capital was founded, the firm has advised nearly 40 companies in going public in the U.S. In the 1990’s the company had over 100 MAS Acquisition public shell companies as subsidiaries. Public shell companies business nowaday became mainstream and known as “SPACS”.

In recent years MAS Capital has invested into building a vertically integrated FinTech ecosystem. As CDzExchange continues to develop crypto derivatives (CDs) products, DAOventures will provide hands-on support with prediction market products, one type of CDs, along with automated DeFi investment strategies.

In June alone, crypto derivatives trading witnessed over $3.2 trillion in volume. CDzExchange will continue to address the growing demand for simpler and more sophisticated CDs products.

With high tech and product resources to be contributed by MAS Capital and DAOventures, we will be able to move at lightning speed in the DeFi world toward continued platform upgrades and new product launches!



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