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HBS-CDZ Co-Branding Announcement

Hi Dear Community, Been Waiting For the “BLAST” Quite a Long Time? Here We Go. Today we are excited to announce that CDzExchange (“CDz”) is officially becoming the first Co-Branding DeFi partner with HBS, a cross-chain DeFi ecosystem with next generation swap and easy to use Lightning-transfer wallets. CDz will provide derivative products on HBS’s advanced DeFi platform.

What is HBS?

HBS is an Open, Cross-Chain DeFi Ecosystem, which makes DeFi as easy as eating HashBrowns and designed for everyone to use. HBS has integrated the three most popular chains for lightning fast cross-chain transfer: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and BSC. Traders can swap BTC/USDT (ERC20) and BNB/USDT (ERC20) cross-chain pairs easily on HBS.

With the cross-chain technology of MASFi public blockchain, HBS achieves a high performance of 10,000 TPS, which realizes lightning transfers between the HBS wallet in 1–3 seconds for all tokens. This is accompanied with a low gas cost of $0.10 (waived during public beta).

In addition to cross-chain trading capability and an innovative wallet that focuses on improving user experience, HBS aims to build a full spectrum DeFi ecosystem through co-branding with payment, financial product, lending, exchange, NFT, game and metaverse partners.

Why Co-Branding with HBS?

Both CDz and HBS are funded by the same VC investor MAS Capital (CI) Inc., which is affiliated with MAS Capital Inc., a US investment bank formed in 1995 and its international affiliate MAS Capital Group formed in 2002, committed to provide funding and technology support to CDz.

Cross-chain technology is one of the key pillars of the CDz’s blueprint. Through co-branding with HBS, CDz aims to utilize HBS’ Cross-chain technology, unlocking multichain liquidity and cross chain swap capability. CDz users will be able to swap USDT (ERC20) / USDT (BEP20) and CDZ/USDT (BEP20) in 1–3 seconds, with more pairs to be added in the future.

At the same time, CDz aims to expand the Auto-Leveraged Index (ALI) apps beyond BNB2xALI with the integration of HBS cross chain technology. Together with the landscape of HBS Ecosystem, CDz can interoperate with other DeFi app partners including categories across Payment, NFT and Metaverse.

Last but not the least, leveraging HBS’ cutting-edge technology, led by CTO Simon Hsu who has over 10 years of experience at Microsoft in technology research, software development and team management, CDz is in the works to consolidate the research and development towards decentralized derivatives in DeFi.

HBS has a professional team span across the U.S., Asia, Middle East and Europe. CEO Kevin Wu is former senior manager at SoftBank owned BrightStar, a wireless telecommunication tech firm. Aaron Tsai is the Founder of HBS, MASFi public blockchain and MAS Capital, known as “King of Shells” on Wall Street. Together with the brilliant and innovative team, CDzExchange would be the derivative pillar of HBS DeFi ecosystem.

What’s next for the Co-branding with HBS?

CDz will migrate most of the dapps to the HBS DeFi Platform in different stages. Pay attention to our upcoming announcement on the HBS-CDZ Migration Plan for the latest updates.

CDzExchange is leaping towards top-level cross chain Derivatives Exchange!

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