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How would HBS take CDZ to another level?


  1. Adding CDZ / HBS on HBS Cross-chain platform. CDZ will be paired to trade with our HBS token HBS.
  2. Integrate CDz Exchange’s BNB2x Auto-Leverage Index (BNB2x-ALI) product on HBS platform. With HBS’ cross-chain capability, CDz Exchange will be able to offer Bitcoin and Ethereum public blockchain based derivative products in the future.

HBS Mid-Year Review

HBS has had a wonderful, productive year so far in 2022.

We began our second half of the year in setting up our office in Taipei, Taiwan. Our team experienced quite a bit of growth, during the first half of 2022.

As we move into the Mid-3rd Quarter, we are preparing to launch our new DeFi products and services to global users.

We are excited for what lies ahead of us. Now that Q2 is behind us. Let’s take a moment to review all that has already happened this year!

HBS ecosystem and products update

HBS DeFi platform launched in December 2021 for public beta. HBS completed USDT 1 million IDO of HBS DeFi tokens @USDT0.018/HBS and began trading on 4th of July, 2022 on HBS’s own DEX, HashBrownSwap.

HBS is currently conducting a USDT 3 million public sale of HBS tokens at $0.17 or 9.4X IDO price. At $0.17 the token market capitalization of HBS is $170 million. HBS is also conducting a US$20 million private placement of HBS equity to fund its global expansion plan.

HBS has 1,794 unique BSC wallet addresses.

Free Arc DAO token — FARK is the first Altcoin listed on HashBrownSwap on May 17, 2022. FARK is a deflationary token with the goal of enhancing wealth of its members. To activate Free Arc membership requires the purchase of HBS tokens. Currently FARK is trading at 17X to initial listing price of USDT1.00. FARK has a token market capitalization of $37.5 million.

FARK has 3,180 unique BSC wallet addresses.

Additional unique wallet addresses are also created on MASFi and Ethereum public blockchains for HBS and FARK tokens.

HBS is an open, cross-chain DeFi platform, with a next generation exchange and an easy-to-use wallet, designed for everyone. HBS made DeFi access as easy as eating a hashbrown. Non-crypto users can use DeFi wallet and do cross-chain swap within minutes, at lightning speed (1–3 seconds for BTC, ETH and BNB) and low gas @$0.10 (currently waived during public beta).

HBS’s vision is enabling a complete DeFi ecosystem with strategic partners to offer payment, banking, investment products, DEXs, NFTs, games and metaverses.

We’ve got exciting launches ahead!

HBS prepares to launch global marketing. While building its Twitter and Telegram communities to promote the roll-out of new products and services, including:

1. Adding 3 new swap pairs: FARK / HBS, CDZ / HBS,USDT ERC20 / USDT BEP-20. FARK and CDZ will both be paired to trade with our platform token HBS. CDZ is a platform token of CDz Exchange — a crypto derivative DEX. Users will no longer need to go to Binance to exchange USDT BEP-20 using USDT ERC-20.

2. We are working on API connection with a European bank to enable users worldwide to buy cryptos with credit cards, to be provided by MAS Pay.

3. Adding CDz Exchange’s BNB2x Auto-Leverage Index (BNB2x-ALI) product. With HBS’ cross-chain capability, CDz Exchange will be able to offer Bitcoin and Ethereum public blockchain based derivative products in the future.

4. Crypto Banking — MASBank is planning for HBS collateralized loan for USDT, for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and up to 12 months. A P2P deposit and lending service with no risk to HBS platform. Borrowers borrow USDT provided by depositors acting as lenders. Risk control will keep LTV at around 70%-80% of the asset value. Future lending products may include BNB, ETH and BTC.

5. Staking — Staking HBS for 6 months or 1 year to earn new Altcoins to be listed on HashBrownSwap. For example, investors stake HBS to earn MASFi public blockchain’s token MASX, to be used to pay gas for lightning transfers between HBS wallets. MASFi is planning for a USDT100 million MASX token sale in 2023 to continue its infrastructure development, including cross-chain development, such as cross chain with Tron and MASFi Scan 2.0.

HBS is enabling DeFi access to global users, including the unbanked population, during the current “Historical Transition” from CeFi to DeFi. HBS is dedicated to the creation of long-term value to our token holders, shareholders, users and team members.

HBS Team

August 14, 2022



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