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Introducing CDzExchange: Cross-chain Crypto Derivatives Exchange

What is CDzExchange?

CDzExchange is a cross-chain crypto derivatives exchange with fast speed, low fees and unified trading experience built on Binance Smart Chain.

Solving the DEX Trilemma

One of the biggest challenges in DeFi is no doubt the high gas fees. Each Ethereum trade or transfer can cost $10 to $100 range depending on the complexity of the transaction. Many DeFi apps are still dominantly running on Ethereum, which doesn’t eliminate the problem or expensive gas fees. For DeFi to appeal to professional and new traders alike, fees must be affordable and predictable.

Slow on-chain transactions are another bottleneck that are holding DEXs and decentralized derivatives exchanges from truly taking off. Centralized exchanges have superior performance over decentralized exchanges, but comes with a trade-off on security.

Centralized crypto exchanges offer great user experience on functionality for the end user. DEXs are still catching up with even simple features like limit order books. We believe that a simple, intuitive and powerful trading experience is vital to make decentralized derivatives trading mainstream. Instead of relying on a fragmented DEX ecosystem for each protocol, why not bring all of the protocols, crypto derivatives and token trading under one roof? All without compromising on security or cost.

Defining a new standard for cross-chain DEXs

CDzExchange aims to balance performance, fees and user functionalities for an improved crypto derivatives trading experience. Combined with cross-chain integration and low on-chain transaction fees, CDzExchange is powered by strong public blockchain security that doesn’t compromise on high performance.

Our key solutions are addressing the crucial challenge areas of cost, performance and user experience to deliver a high quality DEX for spot and perpetual crypto markets.

Key features:

Cross-chain Interoperability

CDzExchange aims to cross-chain assets between Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Polkadot, HECO and other major protocols with active communities.

The first version will deploy an Ethereum to Binance Smart Chain to capture the largest DeFi activity within these popular chains. As a blockchain-agnostic DeFi platform, CDzExchange aims to integrate with all of the top chains to create a multi-highway cross-chain economy.

This would encourage the flow of assets between the interconnected chains, and create new opportunities to swap, stake and earn.

Perpetual Swaps

Trade perpetual crypto derivatives settled in USDT. Up to 100x leveraged margin trading secured by layer 1 on-chain transactions.

Unified Trading Experience

Break past fragmented barriers by trading under one ecosystem for crypto spot markets, perpetuals and stablecoins. As the platform grows, our longer term mission is to add more decentralized derivative products.

What’s next?

The first version of the DEX rolls out in summer 2021. Core features include BEP20 swaps, liquidity mining and staking pools. We will announce integrations with leading partners for liquidity mining incentives.

We’re more than excited to keep developing upon the expansive opportunities in DeFi.

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Cross-chain Crypto Derivatives Exchange