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Recap from PARSIQ-CDzExchange AMA

The week got off to a great start with the partnership announcement between CDzExchange and PARSIQ. It was another awesome moment as the community had the opportunity to speak to the minds behind the project and ask relevant questions.

Tom Tirman, CEO of PARSIQ was present to field questions and expand on the partnership. Of course, the DJs of DeFi including DJ DeBullz, MC Liquid and DJ Sam were on the AMA.

Here are some highlights:

1) What is the vision of CDzExchange for the DeFi space?

CDzExchange aims to create a DEX with robust cross chain capabilities that’s fast, cheap and easy to use. The current DeFi space is still facing a lot of hurdles in terms of cross-chain trading. This may look easy, but is typically complicated in reality.

Also, the exorbitant amounts paid in fees, the low transaction speed and very complex user experience that frustrates newbies are problems CDzExchange aims to tackle by providing comprehensive and efficient solutions wherein cross-chain opportunities can fuel new trading, liquidity mining and crypto derivatives opportunities.

2) So many platforms out there, what makes CDzExchange Unique? What value does it bring to DeFi?

Most crypto derivatives (CDs) trading are done on centralized exchanges like Binance and several others. This raises numerous problems of security, transaction speed and blockchain interoperability. CDzExchange is unique in the sense that we plan to make CDs trading decentralized and make crypto derivatives more mainstream. We focus on making cross-chain more accessible and hide the complexity for the user side.

3) What does the partnership with PARSIQ bring to the table?

The future of DeFi is multichain and CDz is approaching it correctly by providing cross-chain liquidity and swaps. As easy as it may sound, cross-chain applications are quite difficult to use. Typically, traders would have to wait a while before transactions are confirmed — imagine going from Bitcoin to Ethereum. Transaction confirmation times differ for each blockchain which creates uncertainty on when the cross-chain process will completely finish.

As an application layer, CDzExchange aims to facilitate cross-chain transfers easily and give more tools to users. With PARSIQ’s Smart triggers, users don’t need to wait by their phones or computers to know when a transaction is confirmed. Instead, you can set up Smart Triggers to be notified conveniently as soon as the cross-chain finishes, and stay alert during each stage of the cross-chain process. Now you can go make your morning coffee at peace and not have to waste time waiting in front of your device.

4) How will interoperability be facilitated?

CDzExchange plans to make interaction with other blockchains as easy and smooth as possible. CDzExchange, being built on Binance Smart Chain, plans to integrate other EVM compatible chains like Ethereum, HECO and ultimately integrate several other popular chains like Polkadot.

The main focus and benefit for the users is ease of use. We want to make sure you can trade cross-chain with minimal complexities. PARSIQ’s technology will help to facilitate this for the end user through useful Smart Trigger notifications.

These and many more questions were covered in the AMA session. This is just the beginning to know more about the CDzExchange project and the exciting things to come with the latest partnership with PARSIQ.

If you missed out on the live session, no worries, we got you covered. Hop on the link to watch the AMA. Last but not least, if you’re interested in becoming a DJ, hit us up:



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