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Voting Complete!

Voting in the first ever CDzExchange Community Governance initiative is now closed. There were a total of 35 votes cast in the ballot. We would like to thank everyone who participated.

The results are as follows;

Burning: 27

50/50 (Burn/PIF): 9

Airdrop: 3

Looks like the Burns have it with roughly 69% of the total vote.
These tokens will be burnt in the next 24 hours — proof will be posted to twitter. The tokens burnt from the contract will be removed from the circulating supply and sent to a burn address.

As DJ Sam and DJ Choppa discussed on the Live Community Roundup Session on Thursday, there will be a lot more features and decisions to vote on moving forward. Keep an eye out for announcements on when the next votes will be held!

What exactly are we burning? Here’s a recap;

On CDz Staking and Playlist pools, there is a 2% early withdrawal fee, if you withdraw deposited CDZ or LP tokens before 72 hours have passed since depositing.

This withdrawal fee is to encourage token rewards for those who stake for the mid to longer term, who are more likely to be active community members.

The team recently announced their roadmap update with new partnership products and features coming out, as well as a new CTO, Simon Hsu, who formerly worked at Microsoft.

The public WithdrawFee wallet collects all early withdrawal fees:

All CDZ balance at the time of burning has been successfully burned:



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