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We are the DJs of DeFi

We are a group of sovereign individuals that want to promote the DeFi space, specifically our projects, our partners’ projects and anyone positively contributing to the growth of DeFi.

We use our avatars for the express purpose of having fun and identifiability. Some of us are open about our avatars and who they represent. Others will use them pseudonymously for privacy or security. Inspired by those before us (i.e. Satoshi Nakamoto), we let our reputations stand with these avatars through the work we do, our actions and our partnerships.

In addition to our partners’ avatars, we selectively create avatars for those we want to include into our community. They become honorary members of the DJs of DeFi. We are enlisting more DJs to join our crew through additional partnerships and the most engaged community members. We want to create a growing ecosystem of avatars to create new use cases with the additional aim of kickstarting the pseudonymous economy.

The importance of actively creating a pseudonymous economy cannot be understated. Many have noted this is the future. For more information why this is important, please read Balaji Srinivasan on Building a “Pseudonymous Economy” and follow Balajis (former CTO, Coinbase) on twitter for ongoing threads and comments.

Join us in accelerating the DeFi revolution by applying to become a DJs of DeFi Ambassador by filling in the form linked below!

DJs of DeFi Ambassador Program

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