Let’s Not Go Back To The Way We Were

(Cue Barbra Streisand…)

Our doors have been closed for weeks now but we have soldiered on (any fan of the aforementioned Streisand reference will see what I did there) and found new ways to engage our patrons.

We have done things we were hesitant to do before such as offering live streams of performances, creating immersive virtual tours, and transforming education programs into completely virtual experiences. Let’s be honest — in the past, we were afraid that these things would cannibalize our in-person audiences and, believe me, I…




Musings on arts marketing and arts administration.

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Ceci Dadisman

Ceci Dadisman

Keynote Speaker. Communications Strategist. Arts Marketer. Native Pittsburgher. WVU Mountaineer. Trekkie. INTJ. Mom. CeciDadisman.com

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