Unpopular Opinion: Using Simple Language isn’t “Dumbing It Down”

Everyone knows the Enterprise crew is the best of the best. Captain Picard is the most highly-regarded officer in Starfleet.

However, when they encounter the Tamarians, no one — not even Jean-Luc Picard — can understand what they are saying. They speak in a way that uses words the Universal Translator can understand, but the sentences don’t make sense.

If you’re not a Star Trek nerd like I am and you didn’t understand a word of what I just said, I’ve made my point once again.



Musings on arts marketing and arts administration.

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Ceci Dadisman

Keynote Speaker. Communications Strategist. Arts Marketer. Native Pittsburgher. WVU Mountaineer. Trekkie. INTJ. Mom. CeciDadisman.com