Balancing school studies and other activities

Sometimes while in college it can be difficult balancing your social life with your school life. I have been in situations many times where I have schoolwork I need to do, but I also have things going on in my club that I need to get done. I haven’t always made the right choice. What I am going to talk about today is ways to help find the balance in these two activities.

First of all, one of the most basic things that I do is keeping a planner. Using this, you can mark down what assignments you have and when they are due while also giving you something to look at to help plan ahead. This can also help when you are trying to make plans because you can look at your planner and say, “This assignment is due in three days, but I will have time to work on it tomorrow if I go out today instead.”

Something else that’s essential to remember is what is more important in the long run. Your social life can tend to make your time in college go by faster, but you also need to make sure you focus on your classes. Getting your degree is the most important part of college because it helps so much when you are trying to get a job.