My favorite college student apps

#1 Dictionary & Thesaurus

This dictionary app is one of the best I have ever used. This is saying a lot because I currently have three dictionary apps on my phone. It has a built-in thesaurus to help with word variety in your essays. In addition, it has a word of the day calendar to help with this.

#2 Scholly

Scholly is an app that helps connect college students with scholarships. When I first started here at Cecil, this was the first app I downloaded. It matches students with scholarships according to their majors and interests.

#3 Quizlet: Flashcards, Language, Vocab & More

This interactive app helps you study to your fullest potential . It allows you to create flashcards or use ones that are already pre-made. Quizlet has several games installed in the app which makes memorizing definitions a breeze.

#4 My Study Life

My Study Life is very similar to a digital planner, but it is exclusively meant for students. It has slots and reminders for all your classes that you can personalize. By using this app, you are almost guaranteed to never miss an assignment ever again.