My first full-course “meal” at Cecil

Fourteen credits. They appeared pretty easy to me at the start of the semester; however, I received a rude awaking due to this thought. I was under the impression that going from being dual enrolled to full time would be easier than it actually was. My senior year was hard don’t get me wrong, but jumping from six college credits worth of courses to 14 credits was very difficult.

During my first week, I felt like I was drowning in assignments which all had different deadlines. I was worried if my professors may not like me, or if I wouldn’t be able to handle becoming a full-time student. In addition to the large amount of homework, I wasn’t able to do things I loved in my spare time because I never had any spare time. I was always doing homework. Every time I accomplished something, I never felt like I was making a dent in the huge pile which kept magically reappearing.

I felt like I was drowning, and every once in a while I would get above water just enough to be pulled right back under. I couldn’t write; I couldn’t read anything other than textbooks; and I wasn’t able to go running or do yoga like I normally did. I thought I would never be without stress.

Then, the heat of the start of the semester simmered down, and I got ahead of my assignments. What I didn’t realize was everything was eventually going to slow down. I would find my own system to accomplishing assignments, and I would actually get ahead of homework just enough to get a break here and there. I was finally able to go for a run, write another blog post, and do some yoga as well.

The one thing I didn’t expect was finding another job at the school along with being a blogger. I thought it would be impossible to incorporate something else into my schedule. After everything simmered down, I found my rhythm and became a student ambassador. I spent the evening with the entire admissions team on Info Night. During my time that evening, I was able to see the full effect of Cecil’s close-knit environment. I had an excellent time working with the admissions office and being able to learn all of the amazing things the team does daily. I felt special being able to be part of their group.

Last week, I was even trained to give tours to incoming students. Throughout my time as an ambassador thus far, I have felt like I am part of something that is bigger than I had ever realized. I saw Cecil’s vision, and its love for making an environment which truly cares about its students’ lives, and the improvements they make to those lives.

My first-full credit semester may have been stressful at first, but I eventually found a way to keep going and to get my course work done in an effective manner that allows for activities I truly love. Like, writing for Cecil College’s blog.