Take difficult classes now

We all have classes we don’t particularly enjoy. There may even be subjects that you hate. Mine happen to be math and science. Since they are required classes, I knew I was going to have to take them at some point. I also knew I was going to be dreading those courses until I finished them.

I took math in my first semester at Cecil because I wanted to stop worrying about it. I made the mistake of putting off my science requirements until the last semester. Not only did it cause me a great deal of stress, but it also prevented me from graduating when I had planned to.

The chemistry course I was originally taking was more overwhelming than I could handle on top of all my other classes. Since I put it off until my last semester, I felt stuck. I thought I had ruined my chances of graduating on time with a high GPA, and those fears kept me up at night. I knew I was going to do badly in the class, but the only other courses I could take had already started. I ended up having to drop it in to save my GPA. That left me with another stressful decision to make. Do I take a different science course in the summer, or do I wait for fall and take the same class with a different instructor?

I finally decided to take the course in the fall and stay a semester longer than I had planned. If I had taken chemistry in the first semester, instead of avoiding it, I would have realized it was the wrong class for me. I could have adjusted my schedule before this semester and saved myself a great deal of stress. If you know you are going to have difficulty with a class, I encourage you to try to take it as soon as possible in case problems arise.