Writing my way through Cecil College

My name is Kyra Gaskill, and I’m a recent homeschooled high school graduate from Port Deposit, Maryland. I first started attending Cecil during my senior year of high school, 2015–2016, as a dual enrolled student and am continuing my education full time this fall as a secondary education — English major. My main motivator for wanting to be a Cecil College blogger is my deep love for English. This opportunity will allow me to focus on my dream of not only being a teacher, but afford me the chance to explore other career opportunities in the English field.

In addition to wanting to be a teacher, I would like to become a technical writer or an author of young adult fiction books. I have successfully completed three English courses at Cecil, thus far, obtaining A’s in all three. This fall I am taking my fourth English class to enhance my writing ability and understanding of the subject. I have also won a creative writing prize from the college, which was awarded by Cecil instructors Lisa Lutwyche and Nathanael Tagg, for my non-fiction essay, “Scoliosis is More than Scarring.” Furthermore, I was asked to present my winning essay as a guest speaker for Cecil College at The Palette and The Page in Elkton, Maryland.

On a more personal note, I am an avid hiker and biker and a yoga fanatic; however, I do love a good UFC fight or an excellent film. I am constantly reading and writing, but I also have other hobbies such as archery or training for a Spartan race. I have been on Cecil’s Leadership Council for about a year, and I recently spoke at our new student orientation. Last, but certainly not least, I look forward to contributing more stories to Cecil College’s blog.

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