5 Reasons Why Your Designers Hate You

Ced Funches
Jul 9, 2014 · 2 min read


You simply won’t let them work without trying to micro manage every detail….usually it’s related to something you have absolutely no knowledge in.


You are successful, you make a tremendous amount of money and yet you say seriously demented things like, “we are all in the same boat” or “I’m hustling everyday, just like you…” or the ever timeless “My job is to make you more successful”.


You know you have made the environment a toxic place to be, yet you show up early everyday and pick up where you left off yesterday, which usually includes coming up with problems that don’t exist so you can “fix things”.


You plan events that you like, not what your team enjoys. Then, you make the individuals, strong enough to decline, feel like outcasts. Bravery at it’s best!

and the #1 reason…

You can only be tolerated in 23 minute intervals. About as long as a network sitcom. After that, your employees cringe as you gallop towards saying something sexually inappropriate or stunningly racist.

Have I missed any reasons you feel are worthy of making the list?

This is dedicated to the awful bosses (and the chump designers who love to hate) that are rolling their eyes as they read this.

    Ced Funches

    Written by

    VP of Design. Founder of Schooold. Past: Vox Media, USD, NBA, WNBA.

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