Chasing dreams

As I drifted off into a deep sleep it almost seemed surreal

When my eyes opened wide I saw a land unknown

Where is this place I wondered as I got up and started to venture

I saw a trail not too far and I walked towards it but something seemed very off

As I came upon this trail I saw the colorful lights and decorations

One by one people started to appear and stared like I was some kind of invader

One stepped forward and said “welcome to a land that will amaze you”

Follow that path and your dream may come true

Follow the path all the way down until you find something that will change you

I walked onto the path and they all waved goodbye

As soon as I stepped through the path I saw something that caught my eye

Is that a monkey above? One that can fly?

It landed in front of me and marched my way

It said “something is waiting for you, but it’s still a long way”

I followed the bright lights because now I was amazed

It was like this mysterious place had me in some sort of haze

It was like a fairy tale setting

It was my own little place

Can I make this story the way I want it to be?

I followed the road and thought “let’s go see”

I dreamed that the next place I would enter would be royal and blue

But as I walked a little farther I wasn’t loving the view

What happened to my ballroom, what happened to meeting you?

What was this dirty place, so ugly and so cruel

Who would ever force anyone to live in a place so cold and sad?

I’m not sure but now I feel bad

I realized that the ball comes with all the endless amount of work

Cinderella didn’t get anything handed to her and this made me hurt

We expect to be given things but where is our effort?

Where is all that we put in?

So I got down on my knees and I scrubbed away

Away the tears, the fears and all that made me afraid

I worked hard without expecting a thing to come out of it

I worked for myself and not for something I knew would come

I worked harder than ever and it’s because I knew what I wanted

I wanted to be better, I wanted to be me

I wanted people to know that I’m me for me

I was done wasting time expecting things that I don’t need

I was done thinking things would be handed to me

When I started to believe in this, the setting started to change

The shaggy old walls started to part ways

It transformed my clothing into a gown for a ball

I turned around slowly and now I was in awe

Cinderella didn’t go to the ball because she was stuck up and on her own

She went to the ball because she needed to grow

She needed to know that she was worth it all

She needed to know that her hard work had paid off

I looked up and I saw all the creatures I met along the way

They were smiling at me and one came up to say

“If you work you will receive. Can’t you see it happened with me?”

They smiled and waved because their work here was done

They taught someone so beautiful never to run

To work for your things or one day you will see

Your lack of work won’t pay off

Just know this won’t happen to me.