Closed Doors

She may seem impeccable to you but little did you know

That behind those closed doors she’s nothing you thought she would be

Behind those closed doors are the never ending problems she wishes she could escape

The never ending problems that make her lose her faith

Behind those closed doors she is ultimately struggling

Struggling to put a roof over her head

Struggling to excavate money out of her pocket for the essentials of life that she needs

She’s dying in the inside but on the outside you’ll never be able to tell

For she is a fighter and that is something she wants you to know

What happens behind closed doors, stays behind closed doors so she says

She needs help desperately but she strongly believes in her independence

She has convinced herself she’s all she’ll ever need

But she’s a lone wolf low-key wishing she was a part of the pack

While she’s sinking inside, she walks around with a smile on her face

But she cannot help feeling as if an anchor has brought her down

She wants everyone to think she is strong

Although some are starting to tell that she’s slowly falling

Her act isn’t as strong as it used to be

She’s becoming such an easy book to read

The color of her skin seems to get more soft-hued by the day

Ridiculously indisposed, she is starting to look

Her bones piercing through her skin

Her lips the color of lavender

Her stomach is getting flatter and flatter

But why won’t she ask for help?

Why won’t she let her guard down for just a split second?

The doors are closed because that’s how she wants them to be

She’ll never let you know that she may need you

When she makes it she wants to be able to say that she did it on her own

She doesn’t want anyone to pity her

She never had help so why ask for it now?

As long as she lives those doors will always be closed

For she is ready to succeed in this cruel, cruel world