By Wilfredo Rohena

Deep in the dark they stir.

Keep yours eyes open, DANGER!

Light the lantern, the door is open ajar.

The clock strikes midnight, here they come.

The lantern blows out, the door creaks open.

Too dark to look around.

Walk in, feel a minor breeze.

Walk closer, closer , closer to the closet

Walk to the light switch, nothing happens.

Walk in, the door slams behind.

Too dark to look around.

Shhh! Stay quiet! There is heavy breathing.

It gets heavier, heavier, heavier, STOP!

A hand flows lightly across their neck.

Jump up, turn around! Scream for help!

Their screaming goes unheard.

Too dark to look around.

Where’s the door?

Where are they?

Who was that?

Why are there so many noises?

When will they get out?

Will they survive?

Too dark to look around.

Walk deeper and deeper into the closet.

Sights go unnoticed

Whispers being heard.

Wait in the tracks.

Feeling watched? By what?

Too dark to look around.

Jump and scream at the sound of a scream

from someone, something unknown.

Clothing falls, the light flickers, look around, NOTHING!

Lights go out again. “Help me!”

Screams still unheard.

Too dark to look around.

Window opens abruptly.

Breeze guides in,

Nauseating scent follows.

Lights flicker, red oozes down the walls.

In the distance, two figures appear.

Too dark to look around.

Lights out! Figures CLOSER!

Unaware of the figures,

they stand face to face.

One flicker, face appears.

Colorless, the cold lingers from the body.

Too dark to look around.

Final scream, still unheard.

Heart beats faster, faster, faster, STOP!

She drops to the floor.

Now getting colder.

Loosing color slowly.

The guilt stops haunting her.

Too dark to look around.