Tuck Frump

Murica Murica Murica

Im sick of all the immigration

Murica Murica Murica

Darn Immigrants ruining my beautiful nation

Murica Murica Murica

Time for a 1,000,000 dollar Vacation.

But i cant right now the time ain’t so

With the mentally retarded that don’t know

Its awfully hard to blow me money and let go

On top of this its time for the Presidential Election

Time to win again with my monetary confection

Don’t worry America ill do it right

Ill use protection, and keep her future true and bright

When we all go to bed our pockets shall be loaded

Our foreign affairs will permanently be noted

Im a man of business and ill show how

China China China China China

And we will leave Russia looking like Nuketown

Vanquish all our foes and enemies

Screw all American corporations in China, bring em back, its what my Trump mind is telling me

My Combover is a win, and im a winner

China China China China

Everything they sell is a sin and we are all a sinner

Now watch as i win this election Americans, look at me now

As i keep them Syrians…

Them Syrians out.

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