5 Key Reasons To Run A Multivendor Marketplace On Magento 2.

Looking to commence a Multi Vendor Marketplace . Here we list more than one reason to choose the latest version of Magento to run a feature rich Multi Vendor Marketplace.

1.Carries the legacy of its previous version with Improved Features

Magento has been a popular choice for running a Multi Vendor Marketplace because of its ability to handle lots of products , customers and ability to be extended. Magento 2 is stronger in terms of features , scalability and performance and already has lots of support available to start a multi-vendor marketplace.

2. Gives you technological boost

Magento 2 Store is built on strong technology stack and a marketplace built on such structure is guaranteed to give you a boost in technology. To achieve better results you a good quality server is recommended. Such is the effect of the technology that you can easily set up a marketplace with million of customer and products similar to a multi vendor marketplace like Amazon , Ebay or Flipkart.

3. Developer Friendly

Magento 2 is developer friendly as it makes easy for developers to develop extension and module based on component. It offers greater flexibility and compatibility with several other platforms. Therefore finding support for Magento2 would not be a big concern and thus resolving the biggest concern while running a Multivendor Marketplace.

4. Speed

Magento 2 is faster which ensures any development like a Multi Vendor Marketplace to perform well in terms of speed. Faster loading time would help in winning customers trust and your multi-vendor store would perform well.

5. Security & Reliability

Magento 2 is secure. Their is a new directory (-’pub’ )which helps site from security breaches. This in turn makes it reliable platform to start your Multivendor marketplace

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