5 POSSIBLE reasons why your product is still not available at Sears.com

Image Credit: Sears.com

Sears Marketplace is an e-commerce community that allows you to sell your products on websites that are managed by Sears Holdings Management Corporation. Sears marketplace helps in providing exposure to million of customers. The Sears marketplace offers a wide variety of product categories.

It is estimated that in Sears.com, there are roughly 146,983 unique visitors each day that generate 508,011 unique page views. According to Alexa, the global traffic rank of Sears is 2,007. The marketplace comes to the top 100,000 most popular websites in the world.

If you are looking for ways to increase your sales then you can sell on Sears marketplace. Sears is one of the fastest growing online marketplaces. Sears allows all sizes of businesses to start selling in the marketplace. With the help of Sears, the sellers can grow their business quickly with a reliable, secure and cost-effective manner. Sears also provides the option of fulfillment services.

There are many reasons why your product is still not available at Sears.com. Some of the reasons are as follows:

1. Missing UPC & MPN:

Sears provides 2 programs for selling your products on sears.com, they are FBM and MPN. If you are using FBM program i.e., Fulfillment by Merchant program then it is necessary to provide MPN and UPC is necessary for some categories only but if you are selling your products by using FBS program i.e., Fulfillment by Sears program then, in that case, it is necessary to provide MPN and UPC both to successfully upload your products on sears.com.

2. Category Mapping not done correctly:

Sears have 3973 categories, so you have to be careful while mapping the category of your products. Always map your products in right category as every category have its attribute set. You would not be getting every attribute in each and every category.

3. Same Short and Long Product Description:

In Sears, you need to provide two types of descriptions, one Short Description and the other is the Long Description. Both the descriptions provided must be distinctive. If you will provide identical short and long description then it will not be accepted by Sears.

4. Shipping Dimensions not assigned:

You could not submit a product on sears without providing Shipping Dimensions. It is obligatory to provide height, width, and length with the product information. If there is no value for height, width, and length then, in that case, you can assign 1.0 as a default value.

5. Item ID having special characters:

Seller Portal currently supports most ASCII Characters in the Item ID for Sell on Sears (FBM) items. In case if you are selling through FBS then Item ID’s do not accept special characters or spaces and cannot end in B or P.

Therefore, if you are facing any problem in uploading products on Sears.com, then the above points may be one of the reasons for your problem.

So, Sears marketplace helps you to grow your business more effectively and quickly. Selecting Sears marketplace as one of your sales channels will help you to take your business to the next level.

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