5 ways to use Facebook to maximize your e-commerce marketplace sales

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Facebook marketing essentially plays a major role when it comes to increasing sales of one’s online business.

Carefully planned marketing strategy will keep you focused and on track. Whereas following unplanned strategies will just keep you busy, distracted and scattered.

In this blog, I will discuss 5 creative ways to utilize Facebook to increase sales.

1. Write customer engaging posts related to your products

Engaging Content is one of the most effective methods to grab the attention of your new ‘fans’ who have liked your page. This may start with the entry level ‘like’ action on Facebook and eventually build into taking visitors to your blog, making them followers to “swearing fans”.

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I am listing down few tips that actually works :

1. Organize polls using the standard Facebook ‘Question’ feature to engage your audience with something that caters to the needs of your audience. This acts as a dose of excitements for your loyal customers and increases the curiosity level of your “future customers”.

2.There is an old saying “First Impression is the last impression”. Stick on to this as it actually works. No one is read. Flaunt your products in the most innovative ways and provide a visual treat to your audience. And Remember to provide urls that will eventually lead your audience to your website.

3.Social proof works towards leading people to follow the herd. They develop a conception that the people surrounding them possess more knowledge about a situation and you follow their lead.

Following this step, many brands show their number of customers served or a celebrity endorsement for establishing credibility.

One can utilize this as an option to increase its customer base.

2. Run a contest and start a loyalty program

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The essence of a customer loyalty program is simple: Reward returning customers and see your businesses sale increase. It’s a basic but powerful strategy.

Starting a Loyalty Rewards program for the customers approaching you via Facebook make you stand out.

For example, you can provide points for each like or comment or sharing of your posts. This kind of encouragements is probably the easiest way to create a loyalty program.

Running a content on your fan page is also a way to channelize your audience. Its an interesting way in which you can educate your audience about your business and the products you sell

Contents based on video, photo and essay contests will give you lots of content for your page, but they also require extra effort to enter.

A sweepstakes contest is apparently much easier to enter. One can set it up to get a few information from your customers.

3. Use Facebook Shop

Must be wondering how selling on facebook be a success?

Well, to answer you’re curious mind let me remind you that Facebook has over 2.01 billion monthly active Facebook users in the month of June 2017. This is 17 percent increase year over year.

So you essentially have 2.01 billion potential customers.

It’s a reality that not all of them would be interested to get associated with your brand. But even if a small fraction of this huge number can be converted to your loyal customer, that’s still pretty good.

Facebook/Samantha’s Shop

Facebook allows you to set up a store on your Facebook Page to sell products. Facebook Page is a separate page that can be set up for business, so it is completely different from your personal Facebook account.

All you have to do is to connect your online store with your facebook page and just upload your products for sale directly to your Facebook Shop.

You can refer this blog for more insight on this


4. Advertise on Facebook

Now, this needs some monetary investments. You cannot except a sudden increase in your sales with just a few free and easily available tactics. You also need some investments to boost your sales.

If investing just a few dollars into Facebook advertising can get you anywhere from 10 to 30 clicks then why not try this option too.

It helps in analysing the activity of your people such as how and when they engaged. It then adverts to your audience based on these observations made and create an experience that is relevant to them thus increases your brand awareness amongst them.

5. Extend to Other Social Networks

Facebook prepares news feed based on its unique algorithm. All those contents that compile by this algorithm is bound to appeal masses.

One such way is to extending your business via facebook to other social networking websites.

Integrating your Facebook marketing with other social networks also helps to increase your customer base. Facebook has already a entertains huge crowd and thus its organic space gradually shrinking. Besides this it has many competitors and it’s easy for your content to get buried in users’ news feeds. Therefore exploring more platfroms such as Instagram, Vine, Pinterest, Tumblr, or Google+ will earn you a brownie point.

About the Author:

Abhishek Jaiswal is an entrepreneur. He co-founded CedCommerce in 2010. The company has developed multi-vendor Marketplace — a highly popular marketplace solution among magento community. Upon installation only, the extension converts the single vendor website into a feature rich marketplace.

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