7 Attributes that makes your E-Commerce Marketplace stand-out

Today’s consumers have nearly unlimited options when it comes to researching and purchasing products. But in the age of the ultra-educated, information-hungry consumer, how do consumers get friendly interface to make purchase in easy manner.

So, it is a challenge to attract the customers to our shop and convince them to navigate our website make purchase with good experience.

Also, we need to understand the difference between customer obsession and customer centric. Customer obsession means you start from something your customer can’t do and you try to see if you can solve for it. It usually brings you to places that are counterintuitive. So, its about customer obsession not customer centric.

Lets have a look to some considerable features of the website which hook up the genuine customers to the website-


Vendors should have own profile page, which they can turn into a full-fledged their own vendor shop or storefront. Storefronts will display their personal info, social information, and reviews from buyers.

Image Credit: Etsy.com


People can browse the categories listings as a list . You can set up categories, subcategories, and numerous custom filters to help customers find what they are looking for.


It should be easier for vendors to create new listings on your marketplace and accept payments. They should be allowed to add all the product information, including pricing, geolocation and multiple photos, and manage their listings effortlessly.

Trust & Reputation

You can allow buyers to write reviews after each transaction. This helps in weeding out the bad apples and building trust in your marketplace community. Many studies show that sellers with positive reviews are able to get better prices for their products, and buyers’ satisfaction is guaranteed
 88% of consumers consider online reviews very influential when purchasing a new product from a brand with which they’re not familiar.


Buyers and vendors can communicate with each other through messages. Each vendor should have their own inbox inside your marketplace.

Mobile Friendly

Buyers should get a great experience, whether they’re on desktop, tablet, or a smartphone. The content should be loaded quickly on any device. E-commerce is moving more and more towards mobile, and we’ve got you covered there.

Marketing, Social media & SEO

Sellers and buyers should register to your marketpalce with their social accounts. Link the blogs to your marketplace and build visibility by drafting quality content. Your marketplace should be SEO optimized so that your content will get good visibility in search engines.


Built-in payment system allows your merchants to accept both PayPal and all of major credit cards. It works in 190+ countries and in 25+ currencies. You can easily charge a fee from each transaction.

To operate a fully fledged marketplace, you need to deploy all the mentioned properties of marketplace in order to hook up the genuine customers at your website and make them purchase.

It’s total package kind of thing and you need to work on all the elements described above. The goal is to make your website so user friendly so that customers come back and buy from you.

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