Better, Faster and Easier: Here is why online store owners are Migrating to Magento 2 ?

With 14% market share of e-commerce platforms, Magento has remained a preferential choice of sellers/retailers for setting up their online stores. Built on open source platform and for flexibility, it streamlined the e-commerce operations by bringing in all the necessary features under one roof and with power to customize. No wonder why it has been popular among the seller fraternity.

But due to focus on extreme flexibility, other features were overlooked which have become a problem for sellers. Also, to be ever competitive the platform must evolve to adapt and embrace the technical advancements and changes. So zeroing on core issues, aimed at making the experience far better, Magento 2 was launched in November 2015. It has been welcomed by the developer and seller community though some have also few reservations about it.

Problems with Magento 1 (Summarized)

  • Low-performance optimization
  • Non-mobile responsiveness
  • Lower admin capabilities
  • Need to visit 3rd party companies for lots of extensions

While the support for Magento 1 will continue till 2018 and then it will be phased out, it is the exciting feature of Magento 2 that have resonated with seller community and are compelling users to migrate to Magento 2 not only from Magento 1 but from other platforms as well.


  1. Improved Scalability:

With features as performance optimization, mobile responsiveness and better page uploading speed, not only enables managing multiple catalog pages simultaneously possible further it aids in growing the business. As more order can be processed per hour, the scalability factor makes Magento 2 lovable.

2. Improved Experience:

One issue prevalent among the seller fraternity about the Magento 1 is it’s not as user-friendly as desired. This issue has been addressed and the new interface has been designed so businesses can access information faster. The control panel can be personalized for each user to make operation faster ushering in productivity.

3. Improved Aesthetics:

With new eye catchy theme codenamed ‘Luma’, it offers better tiles structure, fully responsive images, typography, and better performance There have been substantial changes in the new theme making it aesthetically pleasant and more pitchy.


  1. Higher Uploading Speed

Magento 2 is 20% faster than its predecessor. Full Page caching ensure pages load faster and faster loading of pages translates to better customer experience thus more sales, also it ensures better search engine optimization.

2. Quick Checkout:

The checkout has been more streamlined as it has been among the prevalent reasons for cart abandonment. A quick checkout from websites ensures better retention of customers. The process is quicker and requires less information to be filled by customers and also highly customizable therefore ensuring minimal cart abandonment.


  1. Personalized Experience:

The highly customization feature of Magento 2 ensures personalization of control panel. Personalization translates to better control and therefore better communication. Weeding out factors constrained for better control, Magento 2 ensures easy navigation and easier to coach new employees. All in all management of the Magento 2 panel has become easier like never before.

2. Magento 2 Migration:

With aforementioned benefits and timeline of 2018 for phasing out Magento 1 completely, the online stores are ensuring Magento 2 migration of their stores. Though beneficial, change is never easy nor too difficult.


The migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2 has four elements to it namely: Extension migration, theme migration, data migration and customization migration. Out of these extensions can be upgraded to make them compatible with Magento 2 and custom code used for Magento 1 is compatible with Magento 2 mostly. It is that theme which has to build from scratch or can be downloaded from Magento store.

Nevertheless, for better scalability, business agility, and flexibility, the transition has to be made. Not only it ensures better avenues for you and customers, it says a lot about the commitment towards delivering the exemplary experience and when the solution is cost effective, it becomes harder to ignore.

So what are you waiting for its new , its fast and has the support available to make sure that your store works correctly. Moreover moving to Magento 2 would also give you the technological boost as well.Give your online business the necessary boost required and a platform that is apt for online selling.

Migrate your Magento store to the latest version today !