How To Choose A Good Magento Hosting Partner?

Whether you have just started your eCommerce website or host a high volume online store, Magento Hosting is one of the imperative steps before you run your shop. Yes, you have read it right. Hosting provides the highest performance for Magento application at the lowest cost. Do you know that the speed of your website actually determines how long your customers will stay with your store or not?

Well, it is natural that all the online shoppers would love the high-speed Magento hosting website. So how do you intend to keep your visitors happy? Let me share a quick secret with you. Make sure that all of the transaction and your Magento web hosting are smooth, secure and most importantly fast. Trust me; this trick keeps your users happy and loyal forever.

However, before you choose a Magento Hosting service provider you need to consider a few important factors to ensure that you have found the best hosting company. Be watchful while you read them.


Security is an important factor in eCommerce, your foremost duty is to figure out whether hosting has tight security or not. Check whether they have alerts,

Backup functionality and support SSL easily. Moreover, a dedicated hosting service provider always ensures that all the payment details of the customer remain confidential and secure personal information at top priority.


The speed of your site not only depends on the location but also belong to the server hardware resource. As I have mentioned before, that speed decides your customer’s stay with your shop and is quite a significant aspect of your Magento site, therefore, while you search for a hosting service provider, choose a provider who has a location near you. If the provider has several locations then it is beneficial for your venture since your online business should be flexible.


Magento is written in PHP. Therefore, the PHP related technology is crucial when it comes to hosting Magento. Here you need to check, whether the service provider offer 100% compatibility with Magento as per the real customer’s experience. If they can support the latest version of PHP, MySQL, shared SSL, Secure Shell Access or dedicated IP address there is nothing like that.

Our Recommendations:

Most importantly, while considering the best hosting company, do not forget to review the following aspects:

The Magento hosting company should…

  • Offer no limit on bandwidth
  • Offer unlimited storage
  • Provide unlimited add-on domain
  • Provide WHM/CPanel support
  • Provide advanced spam and virus detection
  • Offer unlimited sub-domain

Highlights of Magento Edition 2.1.0

Magento Edition2.0.1 includes several exciting and new features:

  • Braintree Hosted Fields securely collect all sensitive payment information in checkout so merchants can qualify for the simplest set of PCI compliance requirements. Merchants retain complete control over their checkout style and layout because Braintree gathers credit card data using small, transparent frames that replace individual payment fields. Braintree settlement reports are now also conveniently available within the Magento Admin.
  • PayPal enhancements include PayPal in-context checkout and saved credit cards. In-context checkout helps to increase conversion rates 69 bps by allowing shoppers to pay with PayPal without leaving the merchant’s site. PayPal saved credit cards boost repeat purchases by allowing merchants to securely store credit card information with PayPal so customers do not need to re-enter it in checkout or when reordering items from the Admin interface.
  • Improved management interfaces make it faster and easier to search for information in the Admin, set up global search synonyms, and create a new product, category, and CMS content.

Security Enhancements

The release includes enhancements to improve the security of your Magento application. There are no confirmed attacks related to these issues to date, certain vulnerabilities can potentially be exploited to access customer information or take over administrator sessions.

Its recommend that to upgrade Magento software to the latest version as soon as possible.

Originally published at on July 5, 2017.