Start Dropshipping with Walmart and Walmart Canada.

Image Credit: Business Insider

Dropshipping is a method where a store doesn’t keep the products it sells in stock. The merchants using dropshipping purchases the item from a third party and has it shipped directly to the customer, when they have to sell any product.

Start dropshipping with Walmart and Walmart Canada. The Walmart marketplace is the perfect place to start dropshipping with. The goal of Walmart Canada is to make shopping easier more convenient to customers. Walmart canada marketplace allows us to grow our product assortment through sellers which we have chosen to fulfill the customer demand.

Steps to Start Dropshipping with Walmart and Walmart Canada are:

  • The Dropshipping vendors submits products to Walmart via API(s).
  • The Walmart accepts the product and updates the product price set by a seller with a markup to get its commission.
  • When an order gets placed for that product on, the seller acknowledges it.
  • The Walmart shares its official shipping account information to the sellers and the seller generates the shipping label for it. A warehouse pickup will be arranged for that shipment.
  • Sellers submits shipping information packet to walmart via API.
  • After the above steps, finally the Walmart delivers that product to the customers who have placed that order.
  • Return and Refunds are managed from Walmart marketplace only.

The Walmart dropshipping app helps in starting dropshipping with Walmart by just following some easy and simple steps. The Walmart dropshipping app includes all the steps that are mentioned above.


The benefits of dropshipping with Walmart are:

Low Authority and Credibility-

Walmart is an established retailer, starting dropshipping with Walmart help you to gain credibilty and authority. Over 200 million customers visit every month. Therefore, starting dropshipping with Walmart helps you to gain credibility.

Faster Shipment drives conversion:

According to The Wall Street survey, the online shoppers wants delivery faster and cheaper. And the share of those who are willing to wait more than five days has declined from 74% to 60% in some years.These necessities of shoppers can be achieved by dropshipping with Walmart.

Easy to scale-

With traditional business, if you want to triple your revenue then you have to do three times as much work. But in case of dropshipping, most of the work required in processing orders will be done by the dropshipping vendors allowing you to grow with less work load.

Walmart has been selling products online since 2000, and their security measures are designed to protect both buyer and seller. In addition to that, Walmart offers free two-day shipping on orders above $35. This is one of the reason due to which more shoppers are getting attracted . Therefore, if you start dropshipping with Walmart, you get a wide exposure in the eCommerce space.

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