A Custom App that Helps you Establish Your m-commerce free and has 3 month free subscription..

How can you launch your m-commerce mobile app with zero coding.

A lot has evolved in the mobile industry in the recent years, app has become the significant part of daily routine. From cab booking to consulting doctor to shopping. There are dozens of other such applications that catches our attention daily.

Commerce industry is among the biggest benefitors of this mobile app revolution. Although still for the majority of aspiring m-commerce entrepreneurs, development of their desired mobile app is still a big puzzle.

Majority dread the eventualities of hiring a developer, U/UX & graphic designer, and another relevant workforce. And it is not their fault, m-commerce mobile app development is a sophisticated work.

[apple.com]which requires mastery or, your app would become the part of thousands of other just-existing apps.
 Although outsourcing reduces the development costs significantly, there are other complexities embedded in this mode; frequent crossings of the deadline is the most common. This increases overhead costs and involves other pseudo losses.


To them, MagneNative m-commerce mobile app is an efficient option. It is a fully customizable and highly personalised custom mobile app for Magento 1 and 2 users. They can easily convert their Magento online stores into a feature rich app.

The app can be downloaded from the website and requires you to enter your personalized content — logo, banners, carousels and others. And then it can be published from Cedcommerce account on ANDROID and I-TUNES.


As the app is a turnkey solution, it just requires some hours, and prepares them for their launch and business-ready app and start their efforts towards creating a sustainable m-commerce mobile app business.
 Also, the app is native, aesthetically pleasing with easy navigation and redundant buying journey. It enables sellers to establish their unique identity(personalized), market and measure their growth and business progress.

The corresponding features that help sellers in all the aforementioned aspects are:

For Your Customers

Aesthetically pleasant interface

Pleasing Interface ensures your customers engage and understand the app

  • Legible text
  • Precise and lucid icons
  • Subtle adornments
  • Color
  • Fonts
  • Graphic

Seamless Navigation

User-friendly design weeds out all the guessing work and ensures easy navigation

  • Social Login
  • Advanced Search Features
  • Multi-lingual & Multi-Currency

Redundant Buying Journey

Killing all the extra pages and steps ensure the buyer journey is optimum and compels decision-making

  • Multi-Filter & Sorting
  • Transparent pricing
  • Faster Checkout page
  • All payment method supported
  • Voice search

Marketing the Products

Multifarious approach to marketing ensure maximum outreach of your products to the targeted audiences

  • Coupons
  • Promotion add-on
  • Social Product Sharing
  • Countdown-based Deals
  • Feature product Carousel
  • Review and Ratings
  • Push notification

Peronalize the app

Not branding is the ominous symptom of failure. Therefore radiate your own brand aura

  • Login Page & Home Page Personalization
  • LogoPicture
  • Product View

Customers Instantly Reach You

Instant connect helps gain new customers, build trust and establish authority

  • Google connect
  • E-Mail
  • Google Map

Track Your Performance

Measuring your performance helps in scaling and laying out newer roadmap

  • Tracking Audience Overview
  • Regional Traffic
  • User flow page-wise
  • All traffic status
  • Website conversion
  • Product sales and more

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Originally published at cedcommerce.com on April 5, 2017.

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