How to create a great marketing calendar for Festive Season Promotion?

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We are here, at that time of the year where we all are planning for the upcoming festivals. But nowadays whenever we browse on we find that today is some special day which can be celebrated.

Everyone makes the plan according to their needs, say if you are a buyer then you will plan out and make a list of the products you want to buy and plan out the day on which you will prefer to go for shopping. In the same manner, sellers need to plan out for the festive time as they have to different types of offers, discount, and deals.

As a seller, we need to be more focused and need more time in planning for the festivals. I will help you in planning for this year. So, let’s start from here and make the plan for this year festivals.

1# Starting from listing the festival days

  • 31st October — Halloween
  • 1st November — National Cook For Your Pets Day
  • 14th November — World Diabetes Day
  • 23rd November — Thanksgiving Day
  • 24th November — Black Friday
  • 25th November — Small Business Saturday
  • 27th November — Cyber Monday
  • 6th December — Microwave Oven Day
  • 21st December — Crossword Puzzle Day
  • 24th December — Christmas Eve
  • 25th December — Christmas
  • 31st December — New Year’s Eve

2# Let’s have a look at your Business Type

Done with the listing of the festivals, now let’s focus on your business type.

It is very necessary to keep your business type in mind so that you can plan in a more better way. Say, if you are dealing in medicines then but obviously, you are not going to promote your supplements for Christmas Eve. You must be aware of your Targeted day on which your product will have the maximum sales.

For example, sellers selling electronic home appliances will make a plan and prepare their deals and offers for the Microwave Oven Day as there are chances for more sales on that day.

We must be focused on our business type and try to target the audience which will be more interested in that day and the products that we are selling.

3# Time to outreach the audience

After knowing the more about your business type and getting analyzing about your target audience, you should start reaching them. To outreach your audience you should focus on the following marketing and promotion strategies:

  • Emails: Plan and then design a proper invitation email for your regular buyers so that they will get the information of all the special offer and deals that you will offer on your products. It is a necessary and important part of marketing as every single seller reach out to the buyers and make them aware of the hot deals they are offering.
  • Landing Page: Be prepared with your website’s landing page. As soon as the buyer reach out your website he/she must be influenced by your offers and deals.
  • Publish blogs: Not only your regular buyer, also try to real who do not know well about you. Try to post the blog on different blogging sites so that the one who does not know you will get to know about you and can reach you. You can include links to your website in your blogs and talk about the offers that you offered last year and the offers that you will be providing this year.
  • Affiliates/Influencer: You can reach to the people who can be your perfect influencer. You can also search for your affiliates but when compared Influencers are more beneficial for promoting your business as people always talk about the things the like and try to show off the things.
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4# Try to engage your Audience and/or buyers

As we have planned everything and done with all the necessary steps the last and the most step is still left out to perform, it is to keep your audience/buyers busy with all your offers and deals so that they just not read and forget about your offers and special discount for the festive season.

You need to work on the following to keep your buyers busy till the time festival end.

  • Direct Emails: Regularly send them the email and keep reminding them about your offers and special discount. Do not disclose all your special offers in single email try to make the buyer eager for the day of sales by your strong content.
  • Coupon Code: Start displaying your coupon codes and the special offers on different places to make your offers get stuck to the mind of your audience.
  • Google Ads: The most common and most used promotional strategy is the Google ads. It is common but most effective as every single user of mobile, laptops, tablets and computer use the Google so they will get to know about your deals.
  • PPC: Try to make your buyers get connected with you by providing them the pre-register offs.
  • Hangout Places: Try to cover most of the hangout places by your offer banners and display advertisement for your products.

Going through this blog we have learned what points should we keep in mind while preparing a marketing calendar and the key points need to be focused when you have to prepare your store for the holiday season.

So here is an example calendar which you can use as your own calendar for this Thanksgiving Day & Black Friday.
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