Magento 2 Booking and Reservation System helps you establish your authority almost instantly

Magento 2 Booking and Reservation System

Long gone is the time where people used to stand in the queues and wait patiently for their turn to book a ticket. Not just a ticket, even every sector, which includes the booking system, has followed a revolutionary trend with the implementation of advanced technology in online booking & reservation system.

Magento 2 Booking and Reservation System allows the admin to create booking type products. There are 3 types of booking, namely: hotel booking, rent (hourly) and rent (daily) — that can be enabled through this extension.

Functionalities of Magento 2 Booking Reservation System:

  • Allows the customers to book and reserve the products online.
  • Creates facilities and can manage those facilities.
  • Creates Room categories for the hotel.
  • Creates room types and assign these room types to multiple room categories.

Various features of Magento 2 Booking Reservation System:

Hotel Booking- Nowadays, people prefer booking the rooms in hotels online rather than they wander here and there in searching of suitable rooms. Hence we are providing you a Best Hotel Booking Extensions which pledges an easy solution to your customers for online booking.

Event Booking- Online booking & reservation system will allow your customers to book the venues for the events like birthday parties, wedding ceremonies, ritual ceremonies etc.

Rental Booking- Online booking & reservation system is a feature-rich add-on by allowing your customers to book two-wheelers, four-wheelers etc. on hourly and daily basis.

Appointment Booking- With Magento appointment scheduler, customers can book the slots for appointments like the appointment with the doctor, book a slot of the movie.

Add-ons of Magento 2 Booking Reservation System:

Customers get the email to review and rate the booking product with Booking Review and Rating Addon to get the feedback on the services offered by the vendors.

Users can log in on E-Commerce site without filling all the details like email address and other required fields. Booking Social Login comes up with one click login features to the store. Currently, it provides four types of social networking sites login features-

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

Vendors can communicate with the admin and customers from their vendor panel through Booking Messaging Addon. Also, there is Inbox and Sent box section wherein, vendors can see the received and sent messages.

Vendors can write a comprehensive knowledge of their products which clear all the queries and doubts related to that product. With Booking FAQ Addon aims to solve all the customer related queries and doubts. It enables

With Booking Badges addon admin is entitled to award badges to vendor according to the sales and rating points they get from customers.

Admin and vendors can create different pricing rules for a specific date and time through Booking Price Rule Addon. Also, admin and vendors can create special prices for special occasions.

Twilio SMS Booking Addon sends a notification SMS to the vendors and the customers on their respective actions while using the Online Booking System.

Admin can set miscellaneous commission slabs applicable to vendors with Booking Commission Addon for every purchase of the booking products.

Customize the Vendor Shop Page with Booking CMS Addon into their own Style, layout and content.

Secure and reliable Booking Citrus Payment Method Addon integrates the Citrus payment gateway for accepting online payments from the customer to vendor.

To notify customers, vendors, and administrator regarding last updates. Spring Edge SMS Booking Addon is a tool for auto-generated text SMS for vendors, customers, and administrator.

Potential Properties of Magento 2 Booking Reservation System:

Easy Booking Process- Through Online Booking & Reservation system customers can easily book rooms, movies, appointments online from home, they don’t have to stand in a caterpillar lines for booking.

Transparency- With Online Booking & Reservation, customers have transparency regarding the booking process like slots availability, booked rooms etc. Also with the charges incurred and taxes levied on those charges.

Resource Accessibility– There is no time limit for booking resources and customers have a vast scope of options when they are making bookings online.

Easy Payment Methods- Secure payment methods will ensure the customers to make payments through Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Wallet etc.

On the whole, Magento 2 Booking Extension is providing you a developed platform where you just have to add your booking type products and lead the way of your successful business.

Originally published at on June 9, 2017.

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