Vendor Review and Rating: A Cedcommerce Magento 2 Multivendor Marketplace Addon.

Critical reviews, suggestions, and complaints are the inclusive elements for making any service/products better. Without critical assessment, there is no improvement.

And the Reviews have proved to be the best medium to channelize the customer’s suggestion, praise, and anger into developing a better product/service.

This is what CedcommerceVendor Review and Rating addon do. This enables vendors selling to get an honest feedback from the customers.

Customers can freely post their opinion of the products and service: give out suggestions, and can make themselves heard easily.

However, there remains one problem with reviews — irresponsible commenting. Although customer, like the boss, is always true. But sellers face innumerous occasions where customers just show irresponsible behavior without thinking the repercussions that businesses have to face for their actions .

Comments and reviews that only scratch the surface knowledge and consider it the wholesome can be the potential disaster for their sales. Also agreed that vendors must be really careful regarding information display layouts, and must follow the philosophy that makes the finding of all the product information effortless.

However, not following this philosophy is, indeed, a mistake but not a sin. Therefore, their vendors must not suffer heavily.

Thus, it becomes a responsibility of an admin to protect the vendors from any type of irresponsible commenting that has a potential to create a dent in their sales.

The Vendor Review and Rating Addon of Magento 2 Multivendor Market Place takes this into account and enables the admin to empower the vendors selling on his platform in the following way:

  • Reviews only approved by are shown on the page.
  • Review of products can be disapproved or deleted by the vendors.
  • Vendors can edit/modify the reviews.
  • The vendor can enable and disable the ratings given by the customers
  • Ratings for a product from a store can be hidden by vendors
Reviews a great tool for getting the priceless feedback of the product can be a channel of cyber abuse. Therefore taking the publishing/editing rights of comments in your control is quintessential.
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