Five Ways Walmart Marketplace API Facilitate Selling on

80 million unique visitors per month make 2nd largest online marketplace of the U.S. Also, it’s seller friendly policies and dedicated knowledge base and its different mode of selling — through CSV and Walmart marketplace API makes it an ideal alternate sales channel for online sellers.

The Walmart Marketplace API integration automates the product inventory and order management. Automating the process not only streamlines the process but gives certain advantages over CSV uploading.

Higher Accuracy, Low manual efforts, and increased efficiency are the most visible advantages that Walmart Marketplace integration has over CSV uploading.

Here is how Walmart Marketplace API facilitates selling?

1. Bulk Uploading: Eases the pain of entering products individually

Since each seller has a large number of products, uploading them individually is too cumbersome a task. Small sellers with fewer and viral products can use the CSV method. But it becomes almost impossible a task for big sellers to Upload all the files individually.

Therefore, automated mode of selling saves time by allowing sellers to upload all the product at once. Also with this mode Vendors can make mass edits in the product information, Make offline changes in product information like SKU, BarCode, Inventory etc.

2. Error Rectification: Makes it easier to find and rectify mistakes

Invalid or missing bar codes, I/O Exception when the attempt to access Image URL or any other errors, there are thousands of other instances where you could potentially commit a mistake when entering the product data. Finding and eliminating all such errors can overwhelm sellers.

However, with Error Rectification feature deducts all such errors and reports them to the user (seller). And then, sellers can rectify the errors. Also, it informs about “what the error is all about” with a self-explanatory statement.

3.Category Mapping and Attribute Mapping:

While uploading the products at Walmart, it is quintessential that products, their attributes, and categories are accurately mapped or, the products would be matched in the other categories and thus no offers. Manually entering all the information is tedious task, considering that one is also to choose from 4000+ TaxCode that each product requires or they won’t be accepted at

However, the Walmart marketplace API integration eradicates all such complexities of finding the appropriate categories from the huge CSV files. The Variant attribute mapping is even more critical task through CSV uploading. With API integration mapping becomes easier through the simple drop-down menus and clearly mentioned categories.

4. Auto Fulfillment Method: Turns your delivery to the auto-pilot mode

Fulfillment is the most important pillar of an online business. If the product is not getting delivered timely and properly, there would be a downward direction of sales and there are no two ways about it.

Therefore, auto fulfillment. The extension automatically imports the products from Walmart and cab print shipping labels in bulk. Also, these 3rd party fulfillment extensions have several fulfillment partners that economize your shipment charges

5. Repricer: Find the perfect product price

Getting featured as the first provider for any product makes a significant difference in sales for the first even w.r.t. second provider. Therefore, determining perfect pricing for winning the buy box becomes all more important.

Winning a Buy Box translates you being shown at 1st place. It is where the Repricer helps online sellers to determine and implement the perfect pricing points thus enabling sellers to win maximum orders.

With all the aforementioned features Walmart Marketplace API integration, it helps sellers focus their mind on developing an effective sales strategy, scaling their business and other business-centric decisions saving them time, efforts and pseudo losses.

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